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  2. Yes,it did work.As your way ,I give the nest container "layout" configuration when I use nest container.It works everytime .If I do not set "layout" configuration ,It will display nothing,check the...
  3. Thank you ,siebmanb .

    scrollable: { direction: 'vertical' }
  4. yes,It works.but I want it can be scrollable."button is behind dataview",Here is my code:
    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'infoNews',...
  5. hi,siebmanb ,I have the same question as you,I try to config as you do,but it does not work,maybe I have not get the same way as you , can you show me the code?Thanks.:)
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    I try url:‘’,but i get the errors:
    "Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/xml......,Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < "...
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