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  1. Hi FBNitro and Don,

    That suggestion worked Thank you guys. But still need to resolve lots of errors. I will keep posting if I get stuck while moving my 2.4.0 project to ExtJS.

  2. Hi,

    I am trying to build and run my sencha touch 2.4.0 with the new one. What i have done is created a new modern app with sencha cmd ( and copied all my app files to the new one. copied...
  3. Hi,

    Is it possible to animate carousel items to use "cover" animation? instead of "slide". If so how?. Can any one help me on this.
  4. Replies
    Hi wnielson,

    I am trying to use the slide navigation in one of our projects. I am facing some issues when displaying aligned text in the list can you suggest how i can achieve this.

    This is how...
  5. Hi Team,

    Can some one help on this. The itemtap is not firing only when i use useComponent: true.
  6. Hi Team,

    Can any one help me on this. This is very critical during our evaluation process of sencha touch.
  7. Hi Mitchellsimoens,

    I am attaching a sample of my custom dataview which does not fire the itemtap event. Can you please review this and let me know if i am doing anything wrong in this.
  8. Hi,

    One more point i would like to add to this. The dataview which i am using is a component based one.
  9. Hi Mitchell,

    I verified the source code of select field. This is what i see.

    getTabletPicker: function() {
    var config = this.getDefaultTabletPickerConfig();
  10. Hi Mitchell,

    Where can i find the sample which you are trying to point.
  11. Hi Team,

    Any thoughts/Suggestions on this?
  12. Jay,

    Yes, I have a similar custom dataview component that works with "itemtap" or "itemtaphold". But, this one is not in overlay.
  13. Custom Dataview not firing itemtap or itemtaphold when it is place inside an overlay


    I am not able to listen to "itemtap" or itemtaphold" events of a custom dataview that is placed...
  14. Hi,

    Any help on this from sencha team is appreciated.
  15. Mitchel,

    Since i am new to the forums i have no idea how to post a formatted code. I just copied the code into the code tag and posted.

    Any have i am posting the code again.

    Below is my...
  16. How can i create a custom dataview item with the following layout using itemTpl


    How can i create a custom dataview item with the following layout using itemTpl. Performance of this item...
  17. Hi,

    How can i create a custom dataview item with the following layout using itemTpl. Performance of this item should be very good because there can be lot of such items in the list38312
  18. Hi,

    I am trying to create a custom dataitem in my dataview (i.e i render the list using useComponents: true). The problem i am having is that, I am not able to set the pressed class (css) state to...
  19. sword-it,

    Thank you. It works perfectly.

  20. Hi,

    Need help on Navigation View. How do i left align the title of navigationview.

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