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  1. I try it too, but this softkeyboard is not for special input (tel,num,url,email ..) ... isn't it ?
  2. Hello, Thx for the answer but it doesn't work on Android 4.2 & 4.4 I have find & try this solution before post here .. I saw this solution that is only for iOs. An other idea ?
  3. Hello !
    I have a problem when I call an auto-focus in an input field..
    I see the focus on the input but the keyboard doesn't show .. If I tap on the input, I have the focus & the keyboard ..
  4. I think the problem is due to chrome update .. I have the version 37.0.2062.103 m
  5. Hello,

    Today exactly same problem for me ... With no major change in my WebApp.
  6. Hello !

    In first, thanks for this great work !

    But I have a problem with the plugin, in Android 4.2 I see the PDF in double with a picture in background. How can I resolve this ?

    Thanks in...
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    Problem solved !
    The app.css was not named in the app.json.
    I added a css resource with url: resources/css/app.css
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    Up, nobody can help me ?
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    I'm currently working on Sencha Architect 3 complete & framework 2.3 ST
    I can't use custom icons.

    When I follow tutoriels and put the name of my icon on iconCls, nothing appears on...
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