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  1. We'd like to treat the app from Designer as a base class, and then extend it to add in things like routing and such that we prefer to maintain from our usual editors, not as 'overrides' in the...
  2. If I configure an panel in an accordion to header:false (expecting it to be a non-participant), the accordion layout tries to add a class to false in the function updatePanelClasses in 4.1.1.
  3. I read the very documentation you have quoted for me. In particular, I read, " if the class does not have these methods already defined."

    If the definition of the product is that I am not...
  4. In my class, I have:

    config: { serverResponse: ''},
    getServerResponse: function() {
    return this.getServerResponse();
    setServerResponse: function(val) {
  5. The accordion layout changes the CSS for many visuals in 4.1.1. It changes the expand/collapse tool icons. It changes the gradients on the label backgrounds.

    It does not have a documented CSS...
  6. I made a bug item for this issue, someone can close out this thread.
  7. In 4.1.1, the filefield has a width calculation that fails to take into account the 'buttonOnly' config item.


    The following code for 'onRender'...
  8. Here's the 'bug' in the source of the file field:

    // Ensure the trigger cell is sized correctly upon render =...
  9. Well, have a look at

    All my other form items stretch horizontally as desired in the vbox, only the filefield's button is stubborn. And the width spec is on...
  10. {
    xtype: 'filefield',
    buttonOnly: true,
    buttonText: 'Upload File',
    shrinkWrap: false

    This gets rendered with a style="width: 69px".
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    Element.scrollInfoView often ends up with the item in question at the very bottom.

    I'd like the fovea, or, at least, the top.

    Is there a concise way to do this?
  12. I see strange things even when neither is initially collapsed.
  13. The solution to this is to add some flex: properties to the pieces.

    However, a caution to readers: That does not interact well with collapsible.
  14. See

    The collapse/expand tools does not work if there are two tree panels in a vbox with flex:1 and autoScroll:true.

    ExtJS 4.1.1.
  15. If you set collapseFirst: false for a vertical accordion layout, and then add some other tools to the panels inside, the collapse icon remains on the left.

    ExtJS 4.1.1
  16. Thanks. Could I please drag you from the grid to the tree, then? The treepanel has a setRootNode. Howcome? Why not just call loadData?
  17. I want to replace the contents of a grid with data I have in my electronic fingers right now. I do not want a proxy making an Ajax call on my behalf. I just want to load new data.

    In the tree...
  18. Using ExtJS 4.1.1:

    First, I pass a tree of nodes into my TreePanel with setRootNode.

    Then, I pass a new tree via the same call. To my distress, I find that this appears to modify the old root...
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    until the tools themselves seem a bit less scary I'm not prepared to invest energy in mavenizing them. The word 'beta' in the version number seems all too accurate.
  20. The simplest version of this question is the following: how should a controller obtain and retain a reference to its view? Currently, I've got Ext.ComponentManager.get() calls here and there, but I...
  21. Except for the event management ,which also requires:

    panel.fireEvent('checkchange', node, value, null);
  22. I have a partial answer to my own question. The code below switches the visual state, but does not fire the event on the panel to inform that anything has changed.

  23. the checkboxes in a tree panel from NodeInterface.checked are not checkbox components, so that code won't work.
  24. Adding the checkbox model ends up with two sets of checkboxes, the native ones of the tree and the checkbox model. Honestly, I think you are barking up the wrong tree.
  25. Selecting the nodes does not check (or uncheck) the checkboxes. I tried it.

    For one thing, the returned selection model is SINGLE. This can't correspond to the checkboxes, since they allow...
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