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  1. Thank you for your replying!

    Maybe you are right, that's the browser's problem. But I still have some confusions. Because I have tested from firefox, ie6, chrome, they all have the same problem. I...
  2. Yes, It works, and it is the effect I want, thank you so much!:)
  3. Hi, I wrote a test case which is used to determine which factors will influence the number of points can be drawn up on a chart, This is the result from my test:

    Factors: the number of points...
  4. I want to split a line which is in a chart to several segments. This is my test sample.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;...
  5. Have you tried the product version? I think product version is better than debug version, so perhaps can solve your problem.
  6. Any news?

    Ext version tested:

    ExtJS V4.1.1
    ExtJS V4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:
  8. Hi, I use ExtJS V4.1 and the following test code is draw a line of dynamic changes, the update time is set to 10 ms. When running about 10 minutes, the memory grew nearly 400M. However, if just add...
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