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  1. Yeah, what you have to do is make sure that in your combobox, make sure you specify the valuefield and displayfield along with the dataindex. Plus, you need to specify them in the column too. Here...
  2. Never mind. Solved it myself.
  3. This is driving me insane.

    I have a GridPanel that has a combobox renderer. I am using a row editor.

    The row has number boxes and when the user clicks the number box to change, the combo box...
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    I just stumbled on this. Why would this break in IE?

    This crashes in IE but works in Chrome:

    var a = "abc ";
  5. @AmandaK
    I've tried that before and it does nothing.


    Your approach looks promising but the "cellEditing" is not recognized from the Editor Panel. What am I missing?

  6. Well, maybe we can use this thread as a professional outlet to Sencha on stepping up 4.x support, documentation and tutorials.

    I also like ExtJS and would hate to see Sencha drop the ball on this.
  7. OMG I just typed a LONG winded rant concurring with the original poster and then I quickly scrolled down and hit "Submit Reply" (the big green button and not the small white one) and lost my whole...
  8. I hate to bump this thread but this is really slowing me down. To the point that I may have to put something in I'm more familiar with like jQuery. I don't want to have two different technologies...
  9. Not sure how that would autofocus a new combobox?

    When I put it in my celledit plug, I get a 'startEdit' is not a function.
  10. It's rather long but here goes. This is the code to create the gridpanel. Inside, you will see a column that contains a combo box (cbSiteActivities).

    I want to fire the "clickItem" event on the...
  11. Right now I'm at the console only. What code would you need?
  12. Thanks but I get this error:

    TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getColumnModel'
  13. I've searched high and low and can't find this and all of my methods do not work.

    Basically, here is what I have. I have a Grid Panel that contains many rows. Each row has a column that contains...
  14. Thanks!

    Been fighting this for two hours.
  15. Is there a way to get the drop down size of a combo box wider than the combo box itself?

    I need to fit one in a tight space but when the user clicks it, I would like the actual list to be much...
  16. I have two combo boxes ("Sites" and "Employees").

    Employees are assigned to Sites so when you choose a new Site, it should load in the new employees.

    It works, for the most part, but is VERY...
  17. My manager (who is not a programmer) purchased the Ext Designer for me (a programmer) to use.

    However, he said he never received any kind of license key, password, etc.

    How can I register my...
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    You, are my freakin' hero.

    Thank you so much!!

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    Well, I am more annoyed at myself for not understanding...

    Anyway, I am following the code/example for a ComboBox bound to a JSON data source from this page: ...
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