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  1. Thnx but i found a small solution :)
    i create a new googlecomponent, delete the first one and add the new with the data ^^
  2. Hello,
    i want to change data of the googlevisualizationcomponent when i want
    for example, when I retrieve data from my server, i want to replace existing data by new data how to do ?
    i used this...
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    just understand me :)
    i have my windows in separated files .js
    i want to show these windows in the web desktop app
    without re-writing the code
    just invoking the window from the file and showing...
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    In my application, I create every window in a file and it works.
    I want integrate these files into the Web Desktop example. How to do that ?
    for exemple
    client.js contains a clientWindow...
  5. how to do to build ??? i don't see how :s i export my web application from eclipse to a war file
  6. ext-2.2.1
  7. Windows XP SP2
    FF 3.0
  8. always the same problem :s in firefox :s:s:s
  9. Here is the code

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;...
  10. i made a simple window with a form containig the DateField :( and it it makes the same problem :s:s:s
  11. I swear that i tried it ! this is what i made in my window :

    var dossierExportWindow = new Ext.Window({
    title: 'Ouverture d\'un dossier d\'export',
    width: 500,
  12. the problem is present just when i use the dateField and i close the window
    but when i don't use the dateField, close the window and open it again everything is normal
    do u see the problem ?
  13. nothing
    how can i make a close action ? i'm a beginer :( help please
    all that code is just for creating some textFields and comboboxs
  14. hello,
    i have a formPanel that contains combos, textfields and a DateField
    when i open my window everything is okey but when i close it and re-open it i can't see any field
    i'm using firefox ...
  15. ajaxForm.on('afterlayout', dooAjax, null, {single: true});

    Thnx to Mr CONDOR =D>
  16. hello,
    i want to retreive some data from server when the window or the FormPanel is created, for example, i want to load the names of the country from the servlet i know how to do

  17. Hello
    when i add a new textField to my formPanel i can see that there is two textFields added !
    this is the code :

    var add = new Ext.Button({
    fieldLabel: 'Add',
    handler :...
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    I really need some help please
    the problem is :
    i have a combobox wich have data from a store
    the data is an array .

    var myData = [
    ['AL', 'Alabama', 'The Heart of...
  19. Thank you very much for the answer
    I really need an example to see how to do :( Can you show me just a little example please
    I really need it because I'm intern and i must do fast
    the example...
  20. hello,
    i want to do like that :
    1- A form with Ext ( exemple : TextField : id, Button: get, TextField : name,..., button : save).
    2- when I type the id and click on the button i send the id to a...
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