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  1. Hi Gary,

    My project already in this pattern.

    When extending the "Ext", we prefer to keep the code in a separate framework, instead of having a Framework extended within Ext.ux. *, and...
  2. The SASS (used in ExtJs) is only pre-compiled... There is nothing to do about it...An alternative is use jQuery to change element styles in run time, but it would be very hard to becomes that good....
  3. You can set sdk dir in sencha command line:

    sencha -sdk path_to_ext ... other params ...

    Try set the general ext folder in path. If it not works, set the ext/src folder. I do not remember...
  4. Hi,

    I'm try to organize my scripts separating the code from theme into a my framework (MyTools.*, with components derived from Ext) and my theme derived from neptune.

    I created a empty...
  5. I'm having same problem...I discovered that apparently only the sass 3.2 or higher support @content within a mixin. Trying to update the sass of SenchaCmd (natively has the sass 3.1.7) to...
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    I discovered that the result is not the same, sass 3.2 is behaving differently than 3.1 way with null values ​​... Perhaps there is no compatibility with the sass 3.2+?
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    I'm use sencha cmd to make themes, and after upgrade sass from 3.1.7 to 3.2.19, I'm having warnings about missing image files: invalid_line and text-bg... when sencha cmd build theme packages...
  8. Hi!
    I'm solved my problem adding my lib path in 'framework.classpath' list.Its makes a build without including my external .js files and including internal styles (scss) for this.

    If someone has...
  9. Hi,

    I'm implementing some components derived from Ext. And while I'm doing a new theme derived from neptune.

    The new components is organized in a folder structure by namespace and is separated...
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    Nice feature! thanks
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