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  1. Thanks Mark! It's pretty ridiculous that Jetbrains made such a major change in a minor version release.
  2. Hopefully they didn't break anything else with this update.
  3. On the Command line, you can run the command: "sencha help app build" and it will give you some descriptions.-e = environment
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    I think you can just do:

    grid.getSelectionModel().getSelection().forEach(function(record) {}, this);
  5. I have eclipse setup to run all code in my project through JSHint and I noticed a warning about this below code (Expected a conditional expression and instead saw an assignment) and was trying to...
  6. Yeah, we are using workspaces as well. Mainly though because it lets you create a folder structure that lends itself to common code reuse.

    There is a variable in one of the cfg files that...
  7. We just check in empty directories for /build, /ext and /packages and /resources. Then we run an ant script for each build which will copy in the files from somewhere else, run the sencha app build,...
  8. Setting autoLoad to false shouldn't throw an error. Which error are you getting? Perhaps remove the autoLoad configuration completely since the default is undefined (I.E. false).
  9. I just ran into this myself and it was driving me crazy. I'm using Sencha Cmd V3.0.2.288 and ExtJS V4.1.3. I did search through the source code of ExtJS and noticed that it is setting the ExtJS...
  10. We had a dirty hack in place for V4.1.1 that seemed to fix it however in V4.1.3, various changes seems to have killed off my hack. It seems the Ext.layout.component.Button processing is setting the...
  11. Not sure if this is the recommended way, but if you wanted to add it to the Ext.form.Basic class, you could try something like this:

    Ext.define('Ext.form.BasicOverride', {
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    I think this is what you want:

    'areapanel[itemId="snork"] combobox': {
    change: this.onComboboxChange
    'areapanel[itemId="differentName"] combobox': {...
  13. panel.loadRecord is really just calling Ext.form.Basic.setValues( method. You can try and use this method as a template and create a new function to set the labels instead of the values...
  14. If you are using the Sencha MVC style, check out Sencha Command:!/guide/command
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    Seems to look fine in V4.1.1. Maybe you have other CSS that could be affecting it?
  16. I haven't used it yet but it seems like you want KeyMaps:!/api/Ext.util.KeyMap
  17. For a regular combobox, we just added some CSS to force the height for the combo items. Should probably work for combobox editors as well.

    .x-boundlist-item {
    height : 20px;
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    Ext.define('Sample.model.Shape', {
    extend : '',

    fields : [
    {name: 'id', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'name', ...
  19. I'm not sure about one-click custom builds but the current tool for this is Sencha Command.
  20. Yup, I'm using the Ext.Loader.setPath() workaround but wasn't sure if it was going to cause problems later on. Looks good so far. I'm also using Sencha Cmd but didn't want to have to run a build...
  21. It appears that the following markDirty configuration doesn't do anything anymore in V4.2 Beta2:

    Ext.define('QLP.view.permission.ActionGrid', {
    extend : 'Ext.grid.Panel',

    title ...
  22. It worked in V4.1.1 at least. It used to be referenced in the Ext-grid-header-Container class in the prepareData() method which has been removed from V4.2.0 probably because of a re-factor to the...
  23. I'm trying out Beta2 currently and things seem to be MUCH better. However I did notice a weird bug. It seems if you have some requires statements in the Ext.application config code, they are executed...
  24. I'm having a similar problem, however I am using the 'paths' config value. When the application loads, it is still looking for the source files to be the /apps/model/ect... folder.

    Basically, we...
  25. This is happening to me too. It seems like Sencha Cmd is ignoring the controllers property in the Ext.application and the only way I can get it to work is to list all the controllers as required.:-?...
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