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    an example of json object :
    var menuJSON = [{"text":"Ma
  2. fixed in 1.2.1
  3. A colaborator of me have recode all Portal item.

    On INSERT method, she has disabled the getHeader() on draggable.

    It works for us, but it will be good if there is a method :...
  4. Hello

    I try your answer, but if the object is draggable, i don't have the INSERT possibility of the Portal item.(with move effect of other element on mouse over event.)

    I don't understand what...
  5. Hello

    I complete the post :
    but perhaps the [FNR] tag will be stop any research.

    I have the same probleme with TreeDragSource

    There is no...
  6. sample :

    final LayoutContainer lc = new LayoutContainer();
    final FormLayout layout = new FormLayout();

    final Field<String> item;
    switch (type) {
  7. Hello

    Same probleme with TreeDragSource

    protected void onDragDrop(DNDEvent event) {
    if (binder != null) {
    List<ModelData> sel = (List);
    for (ModelData m : sel)...
  8. Hello
    I wan't to use the functionnaly of portlet to reorder my components on my web page.

    I don't want to use the header drag, and i set it to disabled.

    The probleme is that i can't change the...
  9. Hello

    i think of this yesterday, but in this case, why the validator is active when I set the value and set the validator ?

    (the textfield is in red).

  10. Hello

    I have a message box prompt use to choice a title for an element that I create.

    I wan't to add validator to check the String of Textfield.

    The code :

  11. If I specify the format of the cell, it's to use the default local format.

    Why have I to re-specify manualy the format ?

  12. Hello

    I can't use the decimal format, or i must list all locale to set separator manualy...

    I prefer to use the existent function

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    I wan't to use Date field with french format DD/MM/YYYY in my Date field object.

    Our application must use I18N to identify the locale and to apply the correct date format.

    Is there any...
  14. Hello

    We are french, but our application must recognize any number format. (. for english user and , for french user.)

    We use the code above to configure our NumberField, but the "," is not...
  15. I found yesterday the solution.
    i override drag enter method like this :

    public void dragEnter(final DNDEvent e) {
    // Info.display("Message", "dragEnter", "");
  16. Hello

    We are now 2 developper, and no solution seem to be good for our problem.

    I have upload the exemple website to explain the problem.

    have a solution ?
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    When you are in the forum, you haven't the product/GWT/API Documentation.

    When you are in other part of website, you have this section.

  18. Hello

    I'have starting to code this to start with my problem.

    I capture all event, except the drop event.

    Have you a solution tyo resolv this ?

    In second time, have you any solution to see...
  19. Hello

    I work on an application who help user to create form.

    The window has two part.
    - the left menu is a tree with all INPUT possibility.
    - On the right panel, I wan't the same...
  20. Thanks a lot for you two.

    I have use the second solution, who align the field.

    I will try to drag and drop field with label with portal model.

  21. if your drag object drop in the wrong place, can't you define setGroup("test"); on start and drop zone ?
  22. Hello

    I have make this correction :

    HorizontalPanel hp = new HorizontalPanel();
    FormLayout fl = new FormLayout(LabelAlign.LEFT);
  23. Thanks for help

    I have change my code like end of topic, but my field label disapear.

    Is there a solution to have field label on panel other than FormPanel ?

    Field<String> item;
  24. Thanks

  25. Hello

    I create an application to test GXT for my companie.

    On the left side we have a tree with many form element.

    The user dblclick on element, a prompt will be show and he give a label.
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