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  1. Just to save readers a little time... and example of the "setting up your Jasmine spies before calling the init() method" technique can be found at...
  2. I haven't had a chance to upgrade, yet, but 4.1 has been released and should fix this issue:
  3. I'm also interested in a workaround. 4.1 is still in beta and my own software project is at the tail end of its release cycle so I can't wait for 4.1.

    I've tried

    initComponent: function() =...
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    This is a convenient override, but I think one needs to watch out for timing issues with it. I'm displaying my button in a dataview that is redrawn whenever data in the store changes. I've found...
  5. The function 'storeage' should be spelled 'storage'.
  6. However, note that if you choose not to call set() then any renderer() function that depends on that value will not be called so your display may not update properly. (lesson learned (:|)
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    If you're looking for a 4.x solution to this problem (and given the date of your post, I kind of hope you are) then add the following to your store definition:

    doSort: function() {
  8. In the calendar version of the date picker ctrl-up/down changes the year and ctrl-left/right changes the month. So one might expect the same behavior with the picker that shows a list of years and...
  9. I'm seeing an apparent bug in the datefield picker. That is, clicking on the "month year" header of the calendar picker brings up another picker/dropdown which displays months and years. See...
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