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  1. I'm not sure if the solution proposed above is the right solution. It won't work if the form is submitting files.

    I had the same issue and I had to set the Content Type (on the server side) of my...
  2. Sencha folks.. Any workarounds for this one? Looks like this is an issue with Ext JS 3.4. I tried enableDD, enableDrag and enableDrop - it doesn't seem to work.
  3. Missed double quotes in the date format. Here is the correct version which worked fine.

    <span class="{[(new Date(values.TargetDate) < new Date() && values.StatusID == 1) ? "negative" :...
  4. Ext Designer throws an error when the tpl for a Date Column contains a formatted date. For example, if I have the following tpl for the Date Column.

    <span class="{[(new Date(values.TargetDate)...
  5. This might be late. This might have been fixed in Ext 4.x.

    Still, I just encountered this issue in Ext JS 3.4 and I didn't have any typo. This seemed to be a BUG in Ext JS 3.4 for me.

  6. Replies
    I was having this issue. This is what I did.

    grid.on('afterlayout', function (comp) {
    comp.header.setStyle('display', 'none'); ...
  7. I'm trying to reuse a grid under different tabs.

    Is there a way I can have one centralized store for that grid and show data under different tabs based on a filter?
    In other words, can I add a...
  8. Any luck with this issue?

    I'm not able to see the checkbox column unless I add the selection model manually to the columns array.

    I'm using Ext JS 3.4
    Designer: 1.2.3 b54
  9. Designer folks,

    Thanks for the quick update!! Update 51 fixed the layout issue for me! :D
  10. Can you try these?

    Duplicating a control and changing config (a combo maybe?).
    Try different layouts: border, form, fit, card and auto are the ones we use in this project.
    Try adding panel,...
  11. Phil,

    Thanks for the layoutConfig link. Don't think the layout snippet I gave was a good example.

    We are using 3.4 by the way. (

    Here are a few...
  12. Designer folks,

    Any update related to this issue (or) any word of advice?

    It would be nice if we can revert our designer version back until you guys come up with a fix. 1.2.2. b48 was working...
  13. I updated Ext Desginer 1.2.2 build 48 to 1.2.3 build 50 yesterday. I've been having layout issues since then.

    With Ext Designer 1.2.2, my layout looked like

    layout: 'form'

    Now it looks like...
  14. I've just started playing around with Sencha Touch and I'm trying to apply a template from JSON, through an ajax call and I've been getting this error.

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object...
  15. I have 2 select fields where, the second select field loads on the first select field's change event. That is, the second select field is dependent on the first select field's value.Something like...
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