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  1. Here is some code (1 of my 2 stores):

    Ext.define('', { extend: '',

    requires: [
  2. Dear keckeroo,

    thanks for your help :-)

    I have a suspicion, why this bug occured for me:

    Inside onLoad of my stores I manipulate the data (for each record) a littlebit (like doing some...
  3. I just fixed a very stupid bug in my app:

    I had 2 views.

    Each view had a list with a store associated to it.

    These 2 stores used the same model "A".

    The bug was that after showing the...
  4. Hi,

    I was facing following issue, and thought maybe it's a bug (not sure though):


    After "sencha app build package" I got an error "Chartist" not found in one of my views where I...
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    Maybe yes, because if I wait (setTimeout) the push animation keeps the same. And if I don't wait (no settimeout) the push animation gets weird (like described above).

    I found reset() and tried...
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    Hi there,

    I have a navigationview and I'm pushing 2 views on its stack.

    Later in order to go back to the root view I do:

    Ext.getCmp('treedView').pop(2); // pop 2 views from navigation...
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    thank you :-)
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    lol ok :-)

    Ext.Container or Ext.Panel or Ext.Navigation.View

    So if one of these classes has implemented the initialize or the show function, I will have to callParent() when extending it,...
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    the initialize function and the show function. I guess for both callParent is necessary, but not 100% sure though :-)
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    In the initialize function and in the show function do we have to call this.callParent()? Or when do we have to call it actually?

    initialize: function() {
    this.callParent(); // is...
  11. ok, thank you very much :-)
  12. When I push a view by double clicking on the button that is doing the push (= monkey testing), then I get several warnings.

    What is the best practice here?

    Ext.getCmp('treedView').push({ ...
  13. oh and another thing could be that you have to add data to your list and not to your store.working example:

    Ext.define('fasdf.view.mainNavigationList', {
    extend: 'Ext.dataview.List',
  14. like this
    var userTokenStore = Ext.getStore('userTokenStore');
  15. and try to access one of your store records and see if there is your data object inside. so you can easily debug it and see whta works. you can also directly debug it inside the browser console by...
  16. I think setData is wrong.try to addRecord or insertRecord to your store.
  17. try this.parent.fireEvent
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    funny :-)

    I think you could try to show your testView in another way, like this:

    // mainEl = main Container

  19. use storeId instead of itemId
  20. just compare a common created toolbar html with your html and see whats the difference.

    or build your own custom toolbar by using a container hbox with button items inside it. pretty easy to do...
  21. lumberjack thank you very much for your help! :-)You know what: it was a browser issue. On Safari it works perfectly. On Google Chrome Canary it doesn't work and I'm developing with Canary :-)I'm...
  22. thank you, but it didn't work.

    i deleted every line of my theme except these lines for the red placeholder, still no luck.

    i use Sencha 2.3.1 I think, not 2.4.

    I will delete all styles...
  23. I tried a lot but couldn't figure out how to change the color of the placeholder on the textfield.

    Please help me how it's done correctly :-)
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    After some searching, I found a workaround.

    Still the button would be happy to have a hasCls function as well if it has addCls and removeCls.

    var clsList = button.getCls().slice(),
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    I want to use hasCls but I get an error. Please help me why?

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'button.hasCls("isFavorite")')

    onFavoritesButtonTap: function(button,...
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