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  2. Xpath is a good technique to use with Selenium.

    We've used it in our project and it worked fine for us.

    You can check my blog for more information on Selenium IDE and ExtJS issues.
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    again... what it that dataInex for ?
  4. Hi,

    Sorry for posting this here. I have just started using Ext 3.0 and working on its Chart feature.

    I am using for its documentation. But this seems...
  5. Hi all,

    I am having a strange situation hear. ExtJS throws loadexception randomly with the following response and error object.

    response : {"tId":48,"status":0,"statusText":"communication...
  6. Was anybody able to fix this ?

    Grid Strore threw loadexception with following option :-

    response : {"tId":48,"status":0,"statusText":"communication failure"}
    e: null

    This happened while...
  7. Well, what is that dataInex ?
  8. /*
    * Override for window to provide capability to set custom z index to mask if
    * the window configured to be model. We need to give maskZIndex>9003(default) as a
    * config option
  9. Hi all, I am having a problem with z-index of window. I am trying to create a window group with zseed set, but its not working in FF.
    topwingrp = new Ext.WindowGroup();
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    thanks israel :)
  11. I intended the code now.
    Someone, Please help me.
  12. Hi,

    I have 3 issues as follows :

    When i am adding or deleting Employee, I am passing parameters in Ext.Ajax.request({}) call to url:index.jsp.
    its passing all parameters...
  13. Hi all,

    I am creating a test suite in selenium. I have got a grid which takes some random time to load its data. How can I determine, if the grid has finished loading data?

    I am currently using...
  14. $ ? :)

    deepti... its a plugin... I am not sure ext support teem will provide help on this...

    you should try this... it will be good for further customization...

    all the best !
  15. you will need to modify...init and onMouseDown functions...

    try karo ;)
  16. try this code in RowExpander.js ....

    expandRow: function(row){
    if (typeof row == 'number') {
    row = this.grid.view.getRow(row);
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    put your code inside

  18. dipti... try refreshing the grid's view...
  19. Not sure about other programing languages but I found following tools for Java to achieve same :-


    JavaScript Optimizer JSO
  20. JSMin
    Concatenated JS, CSS files into single one
    Use client side caching i.e. set EXPIRE header to all static content
    Use server side caching for dynamic pages
    Use CDN ifpossible
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    I used gzip for html, jsp, js and css files. Can I do the same with json ?
  22. thanks for the help condor....

    Currently i am not worrying about the end space character/s. So the code :-


    done the trick.
  23. Its difficult for the user to type in as it keep on croping the last space while the user is typing...
  24. Hi,

    I am having a textfield in the form panel with required config set to true. The form gets submitted if I enter black space, however it shows proper validation message if I don't enter anything...
  25. Hi all,

    I have a simple question .

    I am having a login page with only two ext components one for textfield and other for button.

    Once a user get validated it open a new html page with other...
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