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  1. I have a singleton class called cls.Config. When I am developing I keep this file in ROOT/cls/Config.js and it loads just fine.

    When I build, sencha app build, I need to move this class to...
  2. Hey, I am about to upgrade from Sencha CMD 3.0 to 3.1. Will I be able to run "sencha app build" on my project built with Sencha CMD 3.0?

  3. Good ideas Eric. Maybe a function like, MyApp.makeIterator, could make its way into Sencha and the "Ext.Array.each" and "Ext.Object.each" could be depreciated.

    Check out how jQuery implemented...
  4. The iterate and each functions have the parameters backwards.

    Ext.each(array, function(value, key)){});
    Ext.each(array, function(key,value)){});

    Ext.iterate(object, function(value, key)){});...
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    to the form object will make it behave like a normal panel. I've run into this issue too.

    If you think adding scrollable:null is counter intuitive like I do make a...
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    I need to use an input of type file in my project. I see there is a private Ext.field.File. I tried using this, but there aren't any useful events attached to it. Is there a xtype for file upload...
  7. Thanks Jamie. Never tried setting scrollable to null, only to false. That fixes it.

    It might make sense to have scrollable default to null on forms.
  8. Hey Jamie,

    I was using vbox to attempt to get the form to show something. I really want the layout to work as it is without the flexs and vbox layout (they are commented out) like it did in 2.0.2....
  9. There was a layout bug introduced in 2.1.1 for forms. Forms can no longer be be stacked and scrolled like they can in 2.0.2.

    In 2.0.2 this layout scroll all the items. In 2.1.1 it breaks.

  10. Looks like I'll need to replace forms with panels. I'll add a bug report for this.
  11. I am trying to put a form with enough input fields to scroll the page inside a panel. This was possible in 2.0.2 with the following code, but now seems impossible in 2.1.1.
    Is there anyway to...
  12. Hey Mitchell, I've tried playing with the layouts for awhile last Friday and I am continuing today. When I add a vbox layout the overflow is hidden like this,

  13. Hey, I just upgraded my Sencha touch library to 2.1.1 from 2.0.2. Looks like there was another major layout engine change.

    I've noticed my Ext.form.Panel are no longer filling their container....
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    I recently found out Sencha CMD 2 does not minify code with WebSQL in it.

    Will this will be fixed in Sencha CDM 3?
  15. I tried,

    params: {
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    When I remove all my WebSQL code It's able to compile. Should I factor out the WebSQL code into functions and add those function in after compile?
  17. I have the following FormData object that I want to send in an Ajax request,

    var form = document.createElement("form");
    var fd = new FormData(form);

    fd.append("extraData", JSON.stringify({...
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    Any workarounds? Is this fixed in version 3?
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    Sencha 2.0.2

    I've added some more code to my project and now I'm getting this error. Any ideas?

    The code I've added uses openDatabase() and the FileReader API. Could this be causing errors?
  20. Here is the code I'm using now to send the images. Is there anyway to do this using sencha?

    var blob = new Blob([base64Str],{
  21. The API I'm using needs it in this form. Also it'll use less network in binary form.
  22. I am trying to upload an image that I have in localStorage. It's stored in base64 encoding so I convert it with atob(). How can I use Ext.Ajax to upload this image? Here is my code so far,

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    I am having the same issue. What is the best way to add an <input type="file"> into sencha touch 2?
  24. Yep, it's that method. Looks like it's time for me to update.
  25. Version

    Line 247
    this.getRootNode().removeAll(true); // getRootNode is not defined if I use sencha cmd to minify/build.
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