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  1. It's not a public method
  2. Yes, I do.

    It always alerts false.

    The context menu of browser is shown when right clicking the table row.
  3. Always false when checking mouse right click. It is possible to detect the right click?

    new TableListener() {

  4. I think using FormPanel, the individual field width cannot be altered. All fields will use the master field width (defined by FormPanel).

    To customize the components width, we should use...
  5. Hi Darrell,

    Will you fix it? Thanks

  7. If the drop down menu is shown, the layer of the menu should be placed in the top most level. However, the close button (circled in red) is not hidden by the drop down menu.

    Could you view the...
  8. Please look at the following screens
  9. layout() method solved this.
  10. When I dynamically call addText(String html) to a ContentPanel, the content is not immediately rendered. However, if I switch to another tab and switch back to the content panel, the previously added...
  11. Has this fix released in beta5? I've tried beta5, the problem still exists
  12. Thanks
  13. I've just tried beta5. The problem in FF has been resolved.
  14. I can find TableBinder, DataListBinder and TreeBinder. Will there be ComboBoxBinder?

    I am tried to use RpcProxy for loading data to the ComboBox's store. But I cannot load the data to the...
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    Sorry, I got it. Thanks
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    Thanks for advance.

    Actually, I want to pick up some entries to pre-select. However, le.getData() can only get the List<Stock>. How do I get the DataListItem?

    Attached is the available select...
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    I am going to implements a data list which received data from a RPC call. On the loaderLoad method, I wish to pre-select some fields.

    However, I found that the loaderLoad() method is not really...
  18. anyone can help?
  19. In Javascript, we can use "parent" to access the parent objects or methods.

    Is it possible that iframe could access to the same Registry?
  20. It's work fine in Safari.
  21. Is it suitable for Ext GWT? Where can I set this two variables?
  22. I think your guess is right since I've captured the HTTP request and I found that there is no other requests beside HTTPS.
  23. I've tried to place the compiled Explorer or Mail app to a server running HTTPS. If I use IE6, we got "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items" alert. How can we avoid this message?
  24. Environment: beta4
    Browser: IE6 and FireFox 2
  25. Comparing with samples in and, I found that GXT is unable to subsequently drop down the next menu when the...
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