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    looking fwd to see it

    bpietroiu at diamax dot com
  2. I added initialValue functionality to Ext.ux.BoxSelect so that BoxSelect can be shown with intitial selection. Just add the value field to BoxSelect constructor config; it's value must be an array of...
  3. If you set up a TextField with inputType = password, value = "" and emptyText = "Some hint to be displayed", emptyText will show up with password chars (*)
  4. I am trying to add a FormPanel to an existing asp page.
    that page already had a form element on it.

    while rendering a new FormPanel inside that form, I got an error from the browser and traced it...
  5. Hey guys,
    didn't anybody consided more useful having a Tab layout instead of TabPanel?
    It would fit nicely between all the others.

    Another one is about CardLayout: shouldn't be named DeckLayout?...
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    I have tryied to use menubar with BorderLayout but without succes as menubar requires the page DTD to be at least 4.01 and BorderLayout does not function when page has a doctype above 3.2

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    you can try aflax at
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