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  1. it's really useful. thanks!~o)
  2. sorry. i mean :Ext:Core and ExtJS. ..
  3. for example: i want to use the menu in Ext Core all my website. But only some pages i will need ExtJS(ext-all). is it possible?
  4. what i want to do is add the strips to the each group of checkboxgroup and the displayfield(the title).
    but when i add the backgroud to the group. there is a space between the dispayfiled and the...
  5. it looks like not easy to change the layout dynamically.

    how can i change the layout of the checkboxgroup?
    the code doesn't work...

  6. yes, u r right
  7. yes. i used ext3.0. this post is so old.

    checkGroup = new Ext.form.CheckboxGroup({items:[],itemCls: 'x-check-group-alt'});
    for(var j = 0;j<array[i].option.length;j++)
  8. i want to arrang the checkboxgroup according to the checkboxs it includes.

    if each checkbox is not long. it will be 'auto'. all will be put in one row.
    but if some of them is long enough, it will...
  9. thanks very much.
    what i want is just like the "textarea" in flex.
    it looks like not easy to cutomize the htmleditor, e.g. hide the toolbar on the htmleditor.
    i used the flex at last to solve it.
  10. i just wonder: does the textarea component support html?

    like this:

    var myTextArea.htmlText='<u>abc</u>';
    which will display like abc

  11. i've put it right..
    it really tortured me all the day...

    the answer is. height.
  12. the insert not works. and i really can't figure out what's wrong:(... thanks very much.



    function IniTargetGrid()
  13. yes! u r right! thanks a million. :)
  14. the grid has 3 cols: state, city, street. each column is a combo box when edit.
    when the user choose a record and select state, then click the city, the combo of the city will refresh according to...
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    thanks very much! amazingly quickly!
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    why i put a tab panel in panel

    var tabPanel = new Ext.TabPanel({id:'tp001'});
    var viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
  17. :D yes, i am eagerly for it\:D/
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