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    Not a true offline application?

    Hey so I want to make my application be able to be used when there is no internet. I have built my application through build production. "sencha app build production". All my data has been stored in...
  2. phonegap vs titanium and apple developer license?

    Hey guys I am planning on putting my app on ipad. I have a few questions. First off is phonegap or titanium better for Sencha Touch, so far it looks like phonegap. Second do you guys know if ill need...
  3. change onitemdisclosure to a details button?

    Hey guys I was trying to change my onitemdisclosure button to a "detail" button but I am having a lot of trouble with it. The first thing i tried to do was see if i could mess with the arrow button...
  4. Ext.log.Logger, logger=false is not working =/

    Hi guys so i was getting that common error about how the app fails to load the logger whenever you try a production build, so i googled and looked around on the sencha forums and many people said the...
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    animate active item help

    Hi guys so I have a panel form with a map and details tab. I have a list on the side and each time i click a list item my panel switches to the details tab. Also i can click next on the details page...
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    change my form to be editable

    Hi guys, I have a form with data in it that is read only, in the form I have a button that should allow the user to edit the data. My approach was when i click the button, the controller sets the...
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    thanks for responding to all my posts mitchell, I...

    thanks for responding to all my posts mitchell, I am almost done with my first sencha app and it looks awesome!
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    Geolocation like O'Reilly App

    Is there any source code for the Geolocation part from the O'Reilly App? I am trying to add markers that have hover effects on them in my map as well. But i am having a hard time understanding how to...
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    databinding for lists and forms

    Hey guys, im kind of new to sencha touch 2 and i am trying to dynamically update a list and a form with data. First i want to read in a list and i want to update the UI list with everything from the...
  10. thanks mitchell, ill be working on my sencha app...

    thanks mitchell, ill be working on my sencha app all day today, hopefully i can implement this, thanks again!
  11. Question about navigation view and cards

    Hey so I am fairly new to Sencha Touch 2, but I think I'm gaining the hang of it. So whenever you have a navigation view with like a list, you can click the list item and have a new "card" appear on...
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