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    I've been testing a bit, but the main reason I want to try is that I find it difficult to inspect stores defined in a view model. (Not sure about other none public stores)

    I'm I missing something...
  2. I'm unable to find documentation of the fact that a store creating will be deferred until the filter have a bind value.

    Also, I'm really wondering why...

    After application launch I'm going...
  3. Working and defining stores in Architect, but after I do a login I'm doing a walk trough all Application stores and modify the url on the proxy.

    Now I'm trying to move some of my public stores...
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    I'm able to constantly reproduce this bug now.

    When generating a ExtJS 5.1.1 theme with cmd the generated theme/package.json file contains the property toolkit: "classic".

    If this is...
  5. You can install cmd 6.0, and use it with Architect, been using it in production for a week.
    I think this issue was resolved, but in the comments two similar issues was raised, and at least the one...
  6. The new sa team is back on track. One bug fix release is public, another one is in eap, and ext js 6 support is confirmed
  7. No you can not. The change to 5 pack minimum is 6+month's old now. So what you are looking for is the old-old license.. :(
  8. You can add your data, to the view model in Architect as well.
    Properties can always be created as custom properties if they're not available in the object inspector.

    the only thing that is a...
  9. It does not support Ext 6 yet, will do after the summer (2-4 months I guess)

    However i do believe that if you buy ExtJs now, you can use both ExtJS 5 and ExtJs 6. All is available for download in...
  10. Correct, 5-pack minimum..
    Just added "1" to my team, and had to buy 5 licenses.
  11. I'm always adding a custom theme (and not changing it) to resolve this.
    It's working, but by workspace build folder ends up with a lot of themes - that are all the same
  12. If you navigate Products => Frameworks => ExtJS, you will find this link in the first paragraph.

    As you can see the plugin is part of Pro and...
  13. Looks like Sencha will start charging for the plugin. The plugin access it now listed in the new license packages, and not included in the "Pro" package, but not in the "Standard" package, so I guess...
  14. After upgrading to my store filtering is not longer working. Downgrading til 5.1.0 solves the problem.

    remoteFilter is set, server request is sent and returned. the load callback...
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    Vimeo includes av private album of SenchaCon 2015, but it's password protected.

    Who's got access, and when will I get it?

    Since the album is published I guess...
  16. If there is 5.1.1 support on the way, why it there no EAP's released, not even to the private eap group?

    As for the upgrade.
    Upgrade cmd, then create a new workspace with 5.1.1.
    Once done,...
  17. Not really.. Since the EAP people (me included) has always been able to test the new SA releases, with new framework support, before the new frameworks has been public, and before they where...
  18. This is a subscription/support download only, we have access to nightly builds.
    Login at

    I guess Sencha will release an update soon.
  19. Been testing the nightly - and it looks good. My UTF-8 issues is solved
  20. Tried changing the app.json.meta file, but that one is also overwritten on save :(
  21. I'm trying to install this now, and see a blog and video about "version 2" and renaming to sencha-azure.

    However, cmd only sees version, both for sencha- and touch-

    I tried to...
  22. Thanks.. will try the nightly :)
  23. Is there a method to delay a data binding from e.g a textfield?

    I have a textfield binding the value to '{queryString}' and also using {queryString} as a value of a store filter.

    The idea is...
  24. 5.0.1 is not complete yet, but with support subscription you can download the nightly from the support page.

    I've been testing 5.0.1 now, but there is still an issue where whenever I create a new...
  25. I've updated my ext source code, but it's not completly solved with just that change. (Hopefully 5.0.1 does something more..)

    I my case I have a model with idProperty set to Id (not id) and doing...
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