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  1. Hi Slemmon,

    Could you please help me alos where I can download Ext 4.2.1 released version?
    I don't see it available here

  2. Excellent slemmon !!! It works with 4.2.1 beta version.

  3. Hi slemmon,

    I m using Sencha Architect tool , Ext JS version 4.2 only. Below I have paste code snippets.

    1) Form Items having Add and Clear fields functions . First item comes delete button...
  4. Hi Slemmon,

    Still I see same issues , form->monitor is still having deleted items and keys.

  5. Thanks Merlina.

    As mentioned , form is still having deleted item keys .
    So when I read getFieldValues() , all the keys are retrieved. I expect that deleted item keys should also be flushed out...
  6. Hi ,

    Basically , I m building form panel having items as Field container . Every Field container is having items and delete operation.

    When I perform delete operation on Form panel , simply I...
  7. Hi ,

    I could resolve the problem by below changes:
    1) Change my JSON response with dynamic columns in a string to a Model field (template)
    2) on ListView refresh event , read the store and read...
  8. Thanks mitchellsimoens for response.

    I haven't tried with field collection but criteria is like this.

    I have meta model:

    "responseData" : {
    "inbox" : {
    "metadata" : [
  9. Hi ,

    I m a new bee to Sencha Touch 2, we are developing Sencha Touch Applications. I need suggestion from experts in below scenario:
    1) I have static model defined with some fields
    2) I have...
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