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  1. If SA is actively being ignored and slowly suffocated to death one would at least think Sencha would have the courtesy to tell us so we can migrate away from SA and/or Sencha frameworks. As it is now...
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    Lately I have been getting the following errors logged when starting SA with Cmd

    I have Java 8u31 (both 32 and 64 bit versions) installed and running on Windows 8.1 64-bit....
  3. You're welcome!
    Glad to head you got it working and were able to compile the project.

  4. Have you tried doing a Save As and see if that solves anything? As a last resort (that will void your warranty ;-) ) you could try removing stuff from the xds that you can't find in the metadata...
  5. (Sorry for this perhaps trivial question.)
    As an SA-user just coming from Ext 4.2 I am having trouble understanding Ext 5.x and the results produced by Cmd.
    In an Ext 4.2 project I get an...
  6. You didn't indicate what version of SA you are running, but I guess 3.x. A build should produce a complete set of files to run the web app. You have two tabs, "Log" and "Output", under the main...
  7. In some of my projects we have a PHP backend with an Ext JS frontend. You have other requirements to manage your code, but I'd like to explain how we handle this.
    We keep the projects separate in...
  8. I agree that it is a bit confusing. My guess is that the Publish button is a left over from the time beforme Sencha Cmd was integrated into Architect. In SA 2.x you had to do a Publish and then run...
  9. Yeah, this is also bugging me. I always delete the build directory before building to get a non-delta build. Would be nice to have an option in SA though.
  10. You should add requires to the Application object:
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    Just for the record. To create the offline docs on Linux Mint 17 you need to do this before you can run jsdock in the ext-5.0.1 directory:

    $ sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev
    $ sudo gem install...
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    Sencha Architect 3.0 and Sencha Cmd runs just fine with Ext JS 4.2.x framework.
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    I am using Linux Mint 17 and it works pretty much out of the box.
  14. App created with Sencha Architect. A top viewport with border layout. I'll send you a PM with link and login details.

    Thanks for looking into this
  15. Starting with the latest beta of Firefox 30 I see the following warning being logged to the console in FireBug:

    out = style[camel];
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    How nice it would be to just have a separate zip-file available for download... just thinking...
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    Thanks!SA3 is much more self-contained and easier to set up. However, I never got it to run on my Windows 7 64-bit so I setup another VM and running SA3 and building inside that machine.
  18. OK - glad to hear. Too bad SDP was discontinued as a product though - SDP seemed to be a nice product and the competition have died completely by the look of those abandoned web-pages.
  19. At SenchaCon 2013 (less than 6 months ago!) I went to a couple of Sencha Desktop Packager sessions. I left with the impression that SDP was a viable way forward to bring HTML5/JS applications to the...
  20. +1
    Got bitten bad by this one. :-(

  21. Thanks!
  22. Hi,
    trying to migrate to SA 3.0 and I haven't found a way to build an app with different locale in Ext JS 4.2.2. 4.2.1 removed the dynamic loading of locale into Ext JS and I have since then built...
  23. SA 3.0 b1337 on Linux Mint 15 64-bit.
    When the Publish Path in Build settings is invalid (for example when importing a project into SA from another machine or platform) the build stalls, forcing a...
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    Running 3.0 b1337 on Linus Mint 15 64-bit version:
    When the SA Build detects that ruby is not available, SA completely hangs with the "Building..." modal window open - forcing a hard restart of SA....
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    I use publish all the time - please keep it!!
    Why? One of my projects I run through Sencha Cmd to get Swedish and English locale. With the changes in Ext JS 4.2.1 locales are no longer possible to...
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