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  1. It's working after setting z-index and height for my header.

    {xtype: "headerview", cls: 'header_bg',
  2. No luck.. I think it's not the problem with the height. In login page i'm getting the header. Bellow is my login page code. Oly problem with list view.

  3. I have list items in a tabpanel. Header bar not displaying in the Browse list page. If any one have the solution please let me know. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi all,

    I want to develop html5 based mobile game apps with sencha. Can anybody suggest best sencha tools to develop games.
  5. Hello Mediademon,

    I'm also facing same problem. Did you get the solution for it. When i display list in the tabpanle, detail page not showing. It displays the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot...
  6. I want to get container data dynamically. Can any one help me to display the container items dynamically. The date or store url may be some external page, I want to get the container store/date using...
  7. I have a popup window in Extjs viewport layout and with in this popup I have a tab panel. When the tabpanel content too large popup window shows vertical scroll bar but the scroll bar not moving in...
  8. Has anyone used ExtJS with Drupal? Is there any module for Drupal that supports Ext JS? If so, what are steps to get it work? I'm wondering if there is any feasibility of creating an Ext based drupal...
  9. I've Tabpanel in viewport layout, In tabpanel panel I want to display Extjs Window. This popup window may contains large data.If the popup height exceeds the viewport height I'm unable to view all...
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    Actually my problem is i have an tree panel on the left side of tabpanel and when click treepanel node the center content will load.. In this i have some button which shows popups.. When i click on...
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    Unfortunately it is not working..
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    Thanks Mitchell Simoens. Let me check it once...
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    Yes Mitchell Simoens.. Do you have any know solutions for this issue?
  14. yes I've done..It's very insetting and straight forward please go through bellow link. .This may help you.

    Why did you post this Thread in...
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    I'm loading dynamic pages into Html id using load() function. So i want to destroy/clear/fly all Elements(including javascript objects) which are loaded previously into the Html id After destroy the...
  16. No Mitchell Simoens. Thanks for replay. For better understanding this issue i"m adding tab3 screen short also. Please look in to screenshot.32129
    When clicked on Category:: Node link then "Tab2"...
  17. Thanks for your replay Friend.
    But if i go through viewport layout page scrolling makes my layout little bit ugly. can you please suggest me how to customize scrolling of viewport...
  18. Hi,

    I'm handling pretty much interesting and complex tasks in Extjs. I'm facing issues with treepanel and tabpanel expanding. I've a Tabpanel in Viewport table layout.And My tabpanel contains...
  19. Hi,
    In Extjs4 Tabpanel autoHeight:true not working.This was pretty easy to do in 3.x, simply by setting the "autoHeight" property of the TabPanel and the same for its children items via the...
  20. Hi,
    I'm using Extjs4 treepanel with Json data.I want reload the treepanel and need expand tree menu to specified node.
    I'm using the following code. Please let me know how do this.

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    Thanks mitchellsimoes for quick reply.
    For load config object Get parameters issues solved. But when i'm trying to load Grid store and Combobox store the url also add Get parameters. I'm defining ...
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    Hi ,
    I'm migrating Extjs 2 to Extjs 4. To load mypage.html to some html id in the page. i'm using following code. In extjs 2 and 3 it works fine.But in Extjs 4 this url is executing with some GET...
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    Hay, I'm writing a simple web based image maker, and would like to know if anyone has any idea's how to implement a lasso tool(to select image part and crop not only in rectangle ). I'd like to be...
  24. hi..iam new to Extjs4.In Extjs4 loader not working when i use loader: new Ext.tree.TreeLoader(). it showing the error like "Ext.tree.TreeLoader is not a constractor". it works fine in extjs older...
  25. hi..In Extjs4 loader not working when i use loader: new Ext.tree.TreeLoader(). it showing the error like "Ext.tree.TreeLoader is not a constractor". it works fine in extjs older versions.
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