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  1. Cool. That is understandable. But seeing that it is coming next month, is it in the pipeline or your waiting for its release next month before considering it?
  2. Hi all,
    I'm getting the error below when I try to package a sencha touch app for android. The error seems to be related to qt and the os. Is there a way around this:

    PS: I'm using windows 8...
  3. Thanks. that is exactly what I am looking for.
  4. Hi all,
    Does the new extjs class structure support static constructors? What I'm actually asking is that is there a default of getting a method to be run right after creating a class from its...
  5. Also having problem with chrome 18. rhapsodyv's solution worked though.
  6. Well, I tried

    Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate','function {name}()\u007B \u007D').apply({name:'ben'})

    Got the error:

    TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null

    I used google chrome. 4.1.0rc1
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    Certainly not the response I was looking for. Most of the errors that caused the ui to crash were Extjs errors. I could not reproduce them that is why I wrote that sample
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    Well, I would expect the error to be caught and thrown if need be but not destroying the entire ui as a result.
    I meant it is better to have a form panel with missing fields or a window with...
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    I've noticed that the entire layout of Ext is rendered unusable if an exception is thrown when generating a component and an exception occurs. One example of a kaboom is that in that state, when...
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    Well, I do have a crude implementation (not complete though). It currently has the following limitations
    1. The tree must be fully loaded. I call expandAll on the root. Not sure if that will load...
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    Yeah. I had good performance and consistent behaviour when I turned off animations.
  12. I've not had this issue for a while now since I turned of animation for the treepanel.
    Could that be the cause?
  13. Hi all,
    Given an element eg pre, div, etc,
    how do I get the Ext.Component that contains that element?

    For if I have a panel with html in it and the html has a pre and I have a handle to the pre...
  14. Dont really know how I'll take that out.
    That is how I load the data into the tree.
    I call that function after rendering the tree and also when the user clicks a refresh button.

    Is there another...
  15. Hi,
    I'm having an interesting scenario where when a tree node is expanded, it shows a bit of its items and then disappears altogether. At the moment, I'm unable to tell what causes that.

    Part of...
  16. Haven't heard anything else about this.
    Is this an error? Am I doing something wrong?
    I ended up using _.tempate which uses <%= %>. It works but I do prefer the {} syntax used by extjs.
  17. I just searched the documentation for XTemplate. I could find not such thing. Can you please point me to the section so I can just search for it.

    I have seen the one on >. That is not what I'm...
  18. Not following. There is no > in my code.
    Did you mean } ?
  19. Hi all,
    Ext.XTemplate is giving interesting output when used with text that contains {} Below are the code and responses

    Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate','function {name}(){}').apply({name:'ben'})...
  20. Just upgraded to 4.1.0 beta 2 and got the error again. Looks like the stack trace is different this time. Below is the chrome output:

    Uncaught Error: NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8...
  21. That works well. Looks like I have to load it but wont be creating an instance just to.
  22. Hi all,
    I have a class created using the Extjs class system. It has mostly static methods. Due to the naming convention,

    Ext.create('App.ux.Contract') correctly loads the file.

    However, if I...
  23. That is a given but in my case, that is not. In today's issue for example, each tab has an extjs control in it. There are instances where I'm creating new dom elements but in this case, none of that...
  24. It happened again. This time, I had a tab panel with 2 tabs. I was scrolling though the content of the 2nd tab and the toolbar with the tabs disappears leaving behind just the background. I checked...
  25. So what do I do about it? It happens when I'm closing tabs. I doubt I'm inserting anything at that point though I'll try and monitor which of the tabs cause that error to doo some further checks.
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