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    Hi all

    I have a grid that displays data from this JSON

  2. Well ... to do a follow up. I came up with this and it works. It is just missing the tab contents but it is dynamically building them up

    function createTabPanel() {
  3. Adding a bit more info. Reading the docs for TabPanel. It has to have this property to false. I'd like all the info to be sent and not only the one from the active tab.

    Is a TabPanel the best...
  4. Hi! :D

    I'm currently doing a school's project which requires the user to define a field which will tell how many properties that control will have. Let's say I want to create a house object with 4...
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    Hi Condor, I did that trick but the content isn't loaded. If I double click the HTML I'm calling it will display widget/feed. But if I do it via autoLoad it displays whatever content is inside the...
  6. Hi, I ran into this problem today and I found this post. I wouldn't want to create a new Thread if the question is already in the forum. The thing is the same but I'll structure it correctly :)

  7. Thanks MJ, i'll try to find another webservice which does the same trick. If not I'll have to hammer just as you recommend.
    Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi, thanks for your response

    @jgarcia & @mjlecomte
    Unfortunately I don't control the response. Let me attach you an image of the full service response

    I've tried doing operations as...
  9. Hi,

    I'm having problems with escaped json. If I do it via Ajax request and then treat the response accordingly with success function I do get a JSON but if I do it via dataStore I can't modify the...
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    Finally it arrived. Thanks for the book authors!!!!
  11. Not to be rude but I think you haven't found it in the forums yet because there is no Ext involved in your question.
  12. [SOLVED]
    The thing was that I checked the contract and I overlooked that it was a TIMESTAMP and not a DATE field. Therefore the milliseconds shown.
    Everything working fine. Thanks!!!!
  13. Hello Stevanovich,
    Excellent post with just what I expected. The thing is that it ain't working .. yet. It doesn't display the date, the field is blank

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    Despite the comments every books has errata report days after published so why don't this one :). Anyways I've just ordered my copy and will be home by next week since a friend of mine who lives...
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    so mjlecomte,
    How's the book? Well formed and explained? I can buy it online as ebook since I don't have access to it through amazon ( I live in Mexico ) because shipping costs are more than the...
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    Perhaps you should be looking at the docs. Hope it helps

    The link works but it renders horribly. Wouldn't know how to use the permalink but...
  17. Perhaps you should try this property, I think that's the reason that you ain't receiving the script property.

    This can be found in the API under Updatemanger
  18. Hey JGarcia, in fact I read about that same thing in Ajaxian. Here the link

    And best of all they explain the...
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    Dont worry:

    You'll be able to finish the book, keep practicing with samples and perhaps by then the other book will come out :)
  20. Wow...
    Well I'll then take one step at a time. Major work has to be done for what I understand. Therefore I'll do it [learning even more while at it] and hopefully be back with the new subclass....
  21. Here we go.

    var lastDiv;

    var columnWidth = 140;
    var rowHeight= 22;
  22. Exactly, "append content into an existing row element".

    The problem I'm finding is:

    [Exception... "Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy" code: "3" nsresult:...
  23. Sorry for not being able to express clearly, I'll give it one more shot.

    This thread is built by boxes with our comments. Each time we leave a new comment the next box is going to be like top:...
  24. Hi Animal,

    I am rendering tasks in boxes that match day and hour. The problem is that when there are to tasks at the same day/hour they get overlapped . I'd like the new one to be added as...
  25. Hi,

    I've been trying to do something like this in a grid:

    var a = ""
    some processing
    if ( a == ""){
    a = "my first value";
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