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    I have been with SA since the first releases, is there not any discounts for your loyal customers to upgrade to SA3?
  2. Same issue in Release 2.1
  3. Never mind, I fixed my problem by RTFOD.!/guide/config_panel

    In Sencha Touch, here is how to set a button's text to the current time:
    Create a Touch 2.x...
  4. I have a previous application created in SA 2.1 and have panels with the following:

    hideAnimation: slide

    SA 2.2 is giving me "Invalid value, config value converted to a string" and converting...
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    So I have tried to implement Post #1 into a Sencha Archtiect project, following is my generated code. I can fire a msgbox on Pinch and Double click but the image does not do anything.


  6. I handled this by creating a new field (item_short) in the model for the long string (item). I used the 'mapping' config option to map it to my long field name (item).

    I then created a new...
  7. I am trying to build an application that has the following structure:

    MyTabPanel (TabPanel)
    --Players (Panel 1st Tab)
    -----playerList (List with itemtap event to display playerPreview)...
  8. Thanks for creating this...very helpful.
  9. Thanks Mitchell, I did change the callbackKey to callbackKey: plus put the app into phonegap, added a whitelist in the PhoneGap.plist for my rails server and it works. Will...
  10. My sample below will work with a flat file (see the commented parts) but when I configure for a JSONP call the loading screen run for awhile and then stops and goes blank. I can click on my...
  11. Anyone in Northern Alabama interested in starting a Sencha Touch / Ext js user group?
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    Cool, thanks for responding so quickly.
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    I really like what you did with this. I have a mini conference that I am doing at work and this would be great to implement for information purposes. Did your data come from a database or is it all...
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