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  1. Hi,
    Currently Sencha Space doesn't seem to support localStorage and offline mode - which work fine when running the same app from a mobile browser.

    1. My Sencha app uses localStorage, and...
  2. Replies
    I have the following code that I use to handle tap events on a dom element inside a List. This code works fine if I include this in an override class in Architect.

  3. Hi,

    Is it possible to detect the platform, and set different values on the same item, based on the platform?
    For example, on a button, I want to set the ui to round on Win8 phone, but to normal...
  4. Seems like a problem with my account. I created another Sencha ID and was able to register Designer, and start using it.
  5. Hi,
    I'm unable to register Sencha Designer 2. I get the error message:
    A server error has occurred

    This happens when I enter a valid Sencha ID and password.

    Any suggestions? I'm not able to...
  6. In Android, if I use a popup window with enterable fields - using either Ext.Msg.prompt or a floating FormPanel popup - when we try to enter the data in the popup window using the Android keyboard,...
  7. Hi,
    When I use the MVC pattern according to the examples I've seen, animation doesn't work.

    The following is the example from the FastTrackToSenchaTouch training: ftst/walksolution/walk8-3

  8. In the example that I have given, how do I close the first messagebox before showing the second one? In the callback function, on clicking ok on the first messagebox, how do I close the current...
  9. Hi,
    From other threads, I read that the Ext.Messagebox is a singleton, and that there can be only one instance of a message at a given time.

    Here's my problem, which I believe is a valid...
  10. Hi,
    I'm facing the following problem when I try to load data using an AjaxProxy / JsonReader.
    My AjaxProxy contains the following reader configuration

    {type: 'ajax',
    url: myUrl,
  11. Hi,
    I want to add a panel in the dockedItems, and include some html text and a couple of icons and buttons.
    The following code renders the docked panel with the html text, but the icons/buttons...
  12. Hi,
    Is it possible to insert a panel between rows of a List or DataView?
    On tapping on a row, I want to display a form just below the row.
  13. That worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!
  14. Hi,
    I have a vertical Carousel in which I'm using a set of FormPanels, which allows me to flip through multiple forms.
    The problem I'm facing is that the Carousel indicator gets displayed on top of...
  15. Solved.
    I found the solution in one of the other posts in which the following example was given:
  16. Hi Evan,
    I'm having trouble with a similar scenario as the code given by you above. Here's what I want:

    - Tabpanel with multiple tabs
    - Tab1 is a list with data
    - Tap on an item in the list...
  17. That was easy!
    I changed

    Now the data gets shown properly in the grouped list after the JSON query.
  18. Hi,
    I'm having some trouble updating a grouped list with JSON data.
    I have a store with some data that I initially display in the List. It displays fine, and shows the correct grouping.
    Then I get...
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