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  1. it works now with a different approach. i define a new class and extend it from the listview. then create an instance of that class later.

    defineListView: function (slModule, store) {
  2. if i change the 'initialize' to 'initComponent' it workes just fine. but i get the warning about 'initComponent' being deprecated. so is this a bug or what?
  3. Actually the hole thing breakes somehow. i.e. even if i leave the initialize function empty, it is not possible to select items in the list
  4. Hello again,

    after my last call for help was so successfully answered, here a new concern.
    The 'onItemDisclosure' function is not called if the 'initilize' is implemented. I guess i am overriding...
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    yes sir!. thank you sir!

    that helped. its not "rootProperty" i need to set on xml store, but "record"
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    removing the initialize function does not seam to make a difference.
    dev tools screenshot:
    . 50266
    Items array empty tells me the store did not load. right?
    BUT: there is an ajax request to the...
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    sorry for late reply, i was on short vacation :)
    reformating: done.
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    Hi all,
    i try to dynamicly load a listview from a config object. All is set up and working. Except, i can't figure out why my store won't load. Am i missing something obvious here?

  9. same question for me! any suggestions?
    explanation from condor + suggestion:
  10. i have a problem quite like yours. it seams that the renderer off a column is not called when xtype: datecolumn is set. can you check pls if its same for you?
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    i see a .jpg on this link. is it realy supposed to be there?

    i don't know where to put this, if not here
  12. lovley, it worked. never hit the "sortType" attribute till now.
    thx once more
  13. hi again,

    i just noticed that this makes the column sort by "value", not by "text". cause the dataIndex is set to value. any suggestions on that?
    can i make the column sort an other way then by...
  14. yes, thx a lot. this way i need to load the combo store before the grid store, which feels a bit odd to me, but ok.
    again, thx
  15. thats what i thought. a combobox can manage 2 values (data & display) a grid (cm or store) can't.
    i need to map the id to the name. two issues with that.

    1) can i access the combobox data? i...
  16. i am on the same issue. this should be a commun task. there must be an answer
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    hi all,
    is it posible to show all editors in a row as long as the row is selected?

    i want to provide a visual feedback for the user, cause right now he needs to click each cell to know if it is...
  18. right, the changes are not lost because i canceled the event. this my mistake. hmm, i wonder what went wrong then. i give it another try.
  19. thx for that. but it does not work i am afraid.
    i have lot's of information displayed, where users can make changes...
    the checkbox will load different information. but if changes are made a...
  20. same requirement for me.
    a callback doesn't help. i need a confirm message on a beforeSelect of a combobox, which stops the selection if not confirmed. but with a callback, the selecting will take...
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    hi everybody,

    i want a combobox to show the values of a groupingStore. But not to show the records, but the groups.

    like this (pseudocode)

    data = [
    {fruit:'apple',color: 'green'},
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