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  1. thanks a lot! I finaly figure it out with ur advise.
    Ext.tree.Panel has a event named beforeload and will pass a argument named 'operation' into the callback function.
    In this argument, it has a...
  2. hi there:
    Recently i am using the ext 4.0.7, and i know that when a node expand, the 'node' param will be send to the server.
    now my question is that can i pass addtional parameters not...
  3. Recently i am using the gray theme in extjs3 and 4 in different projects. And i find that the one in extjs3 look much better than which in extjs4. the extjs3's gray theme is more beautiful.
    So i...
  4. Replies
    i find that the Ext.DomHelper is undefined in Ext 4.0.2a
    but Ext.core.DomHelper works well.
    plz have a check
  5. NONONO,what i mean is that, for example
    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
    layout : 'border',
    title : 'window',
    height : 500,
    items : [{
    region : 'north',
  6. flex is a very very useful property in layout.
    but in ext designer 1.2beta,i want to use it in a border layout,why?
    for example,
    i have a window use a border layout, and my window have two grids...
  7. u can try the Ext.Direct package to do this
  8. data model is a greate feature in ext 4. but when i use the ext designer 1.2 beta. i still can only use a tradition store but not a data model. wtf about this. i really want to use the new data model...
  9. hey bro:
    i have the same problem with ext designer and i fixed it!
    i think the initComponent method is used to initial the components so when u invoke the getCmp method, there is not any component...
  10. my version is 3.3.1
    and i found that in my ie7 browser, every time when the content is more width than the treegrid's width.there will be a bottom scroller
    then i drag the scroller from left to...
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