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  1. Thanks that is exaclty what I need for this an many other applications. :D
  2. I'm wondering what the best way is of using the same combo/store in the same form or many other forms.

    I want to be able to query locally but with the combo's below if I type c in the combo I get...
  3. I'm adding a button that hides a lot of grid columns this takes about 5-10 secs depending on how much data is in the grid. I want to show a wait dialog message so the user knows that something is...
  4. Fixed it. It looks like it was trying to access the internet via the proxy settings in IE and somehow wasn't being allowed access. I removed the proxy settings from IE and it worked over my direct...
  5. It's 1.3 for Windows

    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    I switched off Kaspersky AV/firewall and tried it again but no joy.
  6. I have this as soon as I open up. It asks for proxy details. I have both a direct internet connection and I have a proxy server. Filling in my proxy details doesn't help either?
  7. Thanks so much, grow was the culprit. It worked really nice for my form as they don't want to have to scroll textarea's sometimes they have a few words and sometimes up to 1000 chars, so this really...
  8. I stripped the code out for the images and it made a few milliseconds quicker, but the 3-4 second delay is still there.

    There is an initial delay as the form loads. The only way to stop that delay...
  9. It it takes 4.31 seconds to load the form as per 1st image attached.

    If I comment out form.getForm().loadRecord(rec); it takes 867ms as per 2nd image attached.

    So its not the database load,...
  10. The code below changes the color in the selection dropdown list. I want to change the color that is displayed inside the combobox. The desired result is shown in the image below. Thanks for help on...
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    This is the sort of thing I get in my app:
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    In 4.0.7 and 4.1 if I have a high maximum value in my data and its automatically calculated the minimum automatically calculates based on this max value rather than the lowest minimum value.

  13. Ahh just tried 4.1 on my app and this now works as I intended without having to change anything :)
  14. I have a chart that mixes a stacked column and line chart. As the column is set to stacked it takes all the fields set in Numeric and adds them up to get the maximum value. This causes me to have a...
  15. If I can't use the same store then that made me think can I copy the store but just the first ten records. Ideally everytime the first store loads it then copies the ten records to the second store....
  16. How would I achieve this?
  17. Nice one! That works a treat, its this line that's required to make it work.

    defaults:{hideMode: 'offsets'}
  18. Just tested on 4.1 Beta 2 and worked fine :)
  19. Yes I'm having this too, I may have to change my layout just to get around this, not ideal.
  20. The problem is when you double click on a row you can edit but you can't use the mouse to highlight the text. In Firefox you can't even use the mouse to click to get the cursor in the middle of the...
  21. I use a tabpanel with 2 charts Bar and Pie and get the exact same results as you in your pictures. It happens when you load a store for a chart in a panel that is not active. I got around it by...
  22. Its happening in my app using 4.07

    Using the test case provided, open the tab, close it and open again produces the error.
  23. Thanks for your suggestions, this is how I got on:

    I was learning 3 because I found a lot of examples in 3 and have the book Ext JS in Action and the examples with that didn't work with 4.

  24. Hi I'm new to Ext JS. I have been following many examples and tutorials but having trouble putting everything all together. I'm trying to make a reporting tool.

    1. I have created a border layout...
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