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  1. Setting lazyInit to false and creating the combo box before loading the store did the trick!

    Thanks! =D>
  2. The paging toolbar is created implicitly by setting the pageSize config parameter for the combobox. Therefore I have no control over when it is created.

    Furthermore, I could not find any method or...
  3. Thanks Condor, it seems to work, but it exhibits a very weird behaviour:

    Although the combo indeed does not load the store again, the paging toolbar doesn't always get updated with the total...
  4. *bump*

    Anybody? :)
  5. Thanks for the answer, but I already tried this and it does not work exactly as expected.

    Indeed, it does prevent the combobox from reloading the data, but it does not retain any paging...
  6. Hello,

    I have a remote datastore and a combobox set to use this datastore. When the user clicks a button on the page, the store is loaded (paged, let's say with the first 10 records) and in the...
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    Ok, after closer inspection in Firebug it seems that there was a conflict with another CSS rule in the document.

    You are right, maxHeight works fine, thanks! :D
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    No, I tried it much before I resorted to the aforementioned css solution.

    If it works for you then my suspicion is that maybe it doesn't work in certain contexts, like in my case, where the combo...
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    Doesn't work. It is being ignored.
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    I have read the docs, searched the forum, looked into the source code for the combobox, but for the life of me I cannot find an easy way to set the height of the drop down list.

    The only...
  11. The only reason I have for doing this it that I am working on existing code, adding functionality with Ext. The cloneNode() call is part of the old code. When I added the Ext components on the page I...
  12. Hello,

    I am working on some code which uses the DOM cloneNode() function on markup which contains some Ext dynamically generated markup as well (a combo box, applied to an existing input element...
  13. Hello,

    I have a webpage with an existing simple html textarea and I would like to "wrap" a collapsible Ext.form.FieldSet around it and convert it into an Ext.form.TextArea during runtime (i.e....
  14. This has been my understanding as well. But if you had a frameset with the original page loaded into one frame and the AJAX request happening on the other, invisible frame, then I think this would...
  15. Ok, it appears some more clarifications are needed:

    We were called to work on an application written in Java/J2EE, without being given the (complete) source code for the Java classes that handle...
  16. Hello,

    I would like to be able to define an AJAX call to take place some time (say 5 seconds) after a form/page is submitted. The code that initiates the 2nd call should be executed before the 1st...
  17. Thanks, I had missed the "selectionchange" event, I was looking for it in the grid when I should be looking for it in the SelectionModel.

    You are absolutely right! =D>
  18. Hello,

    I am having the following problem. I have a grid (Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel) with a button "Delete selected" on the top toolbar. When there is no row selected in the grid I want the button...
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    How exactly is this addressed in 1.1.1?
    Does it work with a simple right-click or is it a combination of keys?
    Or do you mean that the actions previously accessed with a right-click on the grid are...
  20. Hello,

    I have a TreePanel which starts by loading a static alphabetical index of letters-nodes. Every letter in this initial tree is an AsyncTreeNode with multiple children AsyncTreeNodes. I have...
  21. I would like to second the need for JSON (and XML I suppose) validation in Ext.

    I suppose you could put the whole Ext.decode line in a try...catch statement, but it would be nice if Ext handled it...
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    Sounds good to me, as long as it is consistent with what's already there (e.g. "beforenodedrop" - "nodedrop", "beforeappend" - "append", etc.).

    All I wanted was a way to cancel the default...
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    To me, case 2 doesn't make sense. Please provide an example where this may be useful.

    Case 1, beforeTheEvent, allows someone to cancel the event alltogether ("veto"?).

    Case 3, afterTheEvent,...
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    If this is the case, then yes, you can see it as a request for a beforedblclick event. :)

    We must have a way to cancel the default double-click behavior for trees (node toggle and loading of...
  25. I don't understand why you have to comment out the toggle. If you return false in your dblclick handler it will not toggle the node anyway. At least it worked fine for me, even with AsyncNodes.
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