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  1. That may be true for some cases … maybe I have an error in reasoning.
    Think about a (tag) list with 100 entries, paged on 50 and delivered from the server.
    In this case it wouldn't be local but...
  2. I have the same Problem. I use a remote store and loading it upon showing a modal window:

    var qualifikationen = [];
    Ext.Array.each( record.get('Qualifikationen'), function (element) {
  3. That is wonderful … I now have faith in ExtJs 4 MVC again.

    var defaultProxyException = function( proxy, response, operation ) {

    if( response.aborted ) {
  4. Replies
    hmm, could you tell me on how you’ve extended the MessageBox. I have the problem that our app fires multiple alerts and only the last one is shown. But we need the click event from the first one. :(...
  5. Thank you very much!
    I now tried both ways … simple submit and It seems that for our approach the is more suited.

    We need the Exception Listeners inside the proxy to...
  6. Hi,

    how should the server return the validation data when validated through the server?

    {"success":false,"message":"Fehler im Formular",
    "error":{"reason":"Fehler im Formular","code":10},...
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