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  1. There is no stack trace. The error says - unspecified error ext-base.js at line where we have called the function el.getBoundingClientRect();
    It does not happen always , happens intermittently.
  2. Hi, I am getting unspecified error with el.getBindingClientRect() in ext-base.js . This happens wen we replace a div content by response from an ajax call. This does not happen always and seems to...
  3. Hi,
    It would be really helpful if somebody can give a temporary solution. If EXT JS files are not fixed, then at least for now, we would need to fix it on our end. The user "tigran" did provide a...
  4. Small change to the code above. = function(el, key, value){
    el = El.get(el);
    if (!el) {
    return null;
    var c = [];
    if(typeof Ext.elCache[] == 'undefined'){
  5. Hi,
    I had to make one more change to make it work. Below is the change. Had to replace EC with Ext.elCache in the below function. = function(el, key, value){
    el = El.get(el);
  6. Hi,
    Even after making the change i see it sometimes. Ext JS Forum Administrators,please take it to the right level please get it addressed.
  7. Do we really need to modify the source ext files to get it working? I modified it last time in previous version to fix the issue. I thought it was fixed in version 3.3.1 but i still see the error....
  8. I used Ext 3.3.1 and i still see the error on page load sometimes. Its not always. Is it really fixed in Ext 3.3.1?
  9. Hi,
    I have a web page where multiple collapsible divs are created dynamically. I have placed a draggable element in all these DIVS and have constrained it to drag it only along x-axis. Until i...
  10. Hi,
    The solution above works, but sometimes it complains about EC[...].data is null or not an object. Is there a fix in already available? If yes, in which version of Ext JS?
  11. There was an issue in my configuration. I corrected it. Also, i tried creating my own interceptor and intercepted the HttpRequest , the same work what a standard interceptor would do, even that...
  12. Hi,
    The issue is resolved. There was an issue with the interceptor. I created a custom interceptor and was able to intercept the Json request. :)
  13. Hi Matt,
    I have used the full url, because i was executing the script from web browser.(HTML file having the script). I am hitting a different application which is deployed on the server.I did not...
  14. Hi,
    I am using Ext.Ajax.Request to fire an ajax request with json data. I am creating an array of jsonObjects and passing it but the objects is not getting populated. If i pass the entities as...
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