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  1. was sencha 2.3 + CMD 5+
  2. We have solved upgrading the app to latest version of Sencha, no solution were found for that version of the app on the code or on config
  3. any idea or suggestion for the problem ?

    do you think is a config.xml or app.json or any other problem ??

    thank you again in advance for any help in this
  4. I have a strange behavior on Sencha Touch App,
    I'm creating and App but when there are update there is no way I can see changes in the new versions (that includes both views but also script / code)...
  5. as I always do in the theme-default.scss and then a compass compile is performed
    would you have a simple app to test on my device by any chance (to discover if is a device issue)

    you are then...
  6. Thank you for your reply but as expected per the problem I have found on Android

    your instruction caused the input text to become red (as per the original aim) but also the placeholder text (that...
  7. I don't think is a problem on what I'm targetinganyway I'm targeting .x-input-el

    .x-input-el {
    color: #fff !important;
    // -webkit-text-fill-color: #fff !important;
  8. This is a question I have not found a solution on Internet:

    It seems that on android devices the css statement
    color: mycolor !important;

    is not working for text fiend font color (that...
  9. I don't know if this is the right place for my question:

    in case of push notifications should I have to create also an Android Service ?
    I image is not 100% sure to handle notifications in case...
  10. thank you for the interesting topic

    however, how do I cache server images, it is not clear to me how to list and define all the images
    i.e. cache all the images from user pictures coming from...
  11. thank you for the interesting topichowever, how do I cache server images, it is not clear to me how to list and define all the imagesi.e. cache all the images from user pictures coming from my domain...
  12. this post interests me too

    can you please give some more information about the code you posted

    I cannot handle any code when google.maps is not loaded (due to missing connection); no way to...
  13. Hello
    inserted in config and it worked, thanks a lot !!!
  14. hello all

    I would like to disable title animation in NavigationView card transition
    - the title is sometimes not placing in the bar centre (overlapping sometimes left or right bar buttons, if...
  15. I'm now using listpaging plugin (as reference for anyone with the same question)

    I required it by

    and used in my List view class in config with
  16. hello all
    any news about how to use long list with sencha (with pagination and filtering)

    thank you in advance for any help, tips or useful link / example

    alex :)
  17. Hello all,
    I have to manage a list of elements, downloaded as json from a website

    however the list is 3,000 elements (probably more) long and of course listening all these items is not efficient...
  18. But, by doing this would be method be applied also for iphone devices (preventing the nice overscroll effect so effective there and that users are used to)??

    thank you again for clarification
  19. I know already the code from one of the previous forum post, thank you

    my question is wether i need to create profiles (for android and non android devices) in order to keep the nice overscroll on...
  20. Hello All,
    I have a sencha touch 2 app and I would like to stop overscroll on Android device for a better performance in list display

    Now my question is: if I'm doing it by creating profiles...
  21. to better clarify my request; I would like to disable list overscroll only on Android device,
    in the hope list view will perform better on these devices

    I'm planning to add on Android specific...
  22. Hello All,
    I have a sencha touch 2 app with different views (and related models, stores, controllers)

    Now for the view containing a list I would like to block overscroll in the hope
    lists will...
  23. Hello all
    I'm using phonegap with sencha touch 2 for image upload

    I have then this function on my controller:

    changeIMG: function() {
  24. should be using phonegap replacing Device and Connection functions

    is there a way in case of running the app via browser to require dynamically the classes
    that are failing on native iOS package...
  25. Hello all
    as per my topic title native iOS simulator is blocking on loading (with 3 circles)
    by requiring



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