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  1. Hi Mitchell,
    I am creating the desktop application, how people will bookmark different pages?.
    Because every time, they can't come to home page and they can't do the navigation to reach the...
  2. Thank you richardvd.
    Tested now it is working.
  3. I am started learning EXT js. The first program is poping up the message on the ext.onReady event. But I dont know where to write this statement on Architect without editing the app.js file directly....
  4. Hi Team,
    how to write a Ext.onReady function on controller?:s

  5. Hi Experts,
    I have tried to create a new odata proxy component for Architect.
    But I am getting an error while importing this code.
    Can I know what is wrong with this one? :-?

  6. Connector is working fine. But I am curious to know whether it will work with Rest type or not for better understanding.
    I am getting some error while using Rest type still figuring it out.
  7. Hi Team,
    If I treat the SAP ODATA service as a normal rest service will it work on Sencha touch? or do I need to always use the sap odata connector to call sap odata service?

  8. Thank you Phil..Seems I have to do little homework.
  9. Thank you aconran :)
  10. Hi Team,

    How to use the JsonTreeStore without the URL configuration.
    In the following code I have entered the json data in data property but still it is asking for URL property.
    Can some one...
  11. Hi ssamayoa,
    I have one more doubt. The click/tap event is missing for the panel in Sencha Architect.What event I have to use for tap event for panel?

  12. Thank you ssamayoa.
    It is working fine.:)
  13. Hi Team,
    Can I know how can I add the following listeners property in Sencha Architect.
    listeners: {
    hide: {
  14. Hi Team,
    I have a problem in understanding the sencha command in architect. Can someone explain me below

    1) I have created the project in sencha architect.
    2) I went to package menu...
  15. Thank you Tyladurdan and aconran :).
  16. Hi Team,
    I am trying to replicate the following code on Sencha Architect.
    I have added the Carousel but I am not sure what would be the right component to added it under Carousel to add only html...
  17. Replies
    Many thanks for taking time to provide the solution. =D>
    And your solution is working great.

  18. Replies
    Hi Team,
    I like to add the two lines(Green color) in launch function using sencha Architect.
    But When I try to add those lines. I have a option to add those lines at the start of launch function...
  19. Hi John,
    Thanks for the comments. But I am newbie and I am struggling a bit. Anyway hope I can do it.

  20. is it possible to open a existing sencha application in sencha Architect?
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