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  1. Looks great ! good job .
  2. No i did not have problems with the plugin and it works fine for the most part ( i think there was a css issue related to the first group but i did not pursue it)..
    However i wanted to reduce the...
  3. For my environment i needed only the multigrouping; because for performance reasons i wanted to group my data as required on the server side .(and also there was a small bug in the collapse of the...
  4. Thanks .. but wouldn't the above not work with 4.1.1 ?
    I want to show the total summary in the grouped header not the summary row ..
    I see that you have an option

    totalSummaryTopLine: true, ...
  5. Hi , I recently started evaluating the various mutlgrouping plugins out there and found the code in this thread by Extriqui to be very useful.

    Can some one throw some light on how to adjust the...
  6. I was trying to implement lockable feature on tree.Panel so i borrowed from grid.Panel

    Ext.tree.Panel(Ext.grid.Panel, ['bothCfgCopy','normalCfgCopy','lockedCfgCopy']);

    but now my grid columns...
  7. where can i find the documentation for this configuration ?

    with this i loose the ability to hide columns
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