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  1. Thats work but what is want to disable the drag so I can enable it after that?
    I didn't find this option.

  2. Sorry but how do I write that? I don't understand the idea of the plugin.
  3. Hi,

    I'm using this code:

    new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    id: 'treePagesList',
    viewConfig: {
    plugins: {
    ptype: 'treeviewdragdrop',
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    Big thanks :-)
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    In version 3 when you drag a page in a TreePanel that have scroll the user can drag the page to the button of the tree.
    But in version 4 it's not working and you can only drag the page to the...
  6. You're great. Big thanks :-)
  7. Can someone can help me here please?
    I really like to know if there is any option do use more event like 'drop' that working Better.
  8. If a user is drag a node to a folder (parent) I try to get is new parent ID with the event 'DROP'.
    The problem is that if the folder is not render I'm getting from:
  9. Hi,

    There is any option or maybe something ready that will let me design the Ext Window in different way.
    Maybe something like the jQuery dialog.

    I search over the web and all the Ext window...
  10. Hi,

    I try without any success to migrate this function from version 3 to 4:

    //********************** Search For - FOLDERS - *************************************
    var hiddenPkgs = [];
  11. Amazing! BIG thanks :-)
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    Thanks, This my first time I'm using it, what I'm doing wrong:

    var sideMenuSection = new Ext.tree.Panel({
    collapsible: true,
    collapsed: true,...
  13. I tried this but the click that open the window always open and close the windows because of this listener. I of course try to add all kind of listener but something not working here.

    Do you have...
  14. Did you maybe think on a solution for that?

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    I have a tree with a list of pages and I like to add a button to the right of every page in the tree.
    This icon will use me to open a the user a drop menu that I already open with the right...
  16. Yes with window
  17. I'm trying to use:
    constrain: true
    And after that use:

    And I'm getting this error:
    Cannot call method 'getScopeParent' of undefined

    Any why to do that?
  18. You right, it was something wrong with my own code, that work for me:
    node.set('text', String(newText));

    Big thanks for the help :-)
  19. When the user click on the mask area?
    I can't use blur because there is times when I open more then one window and I want only the top one will close.

  20. Default text field (text)
  21. I tried what you wrote but the change doesn't work on the tree (only after I reload the all tree I see the change).

    This is what I have now and it's not working:...
  22. Thanks for the help,
    After I update the text like you wrote the tree not change with the new name, any option to see the change without using the 'load' option?

  23. 1)
    In verstion 3 I got this option:
    How can I do that in version 4?

    In verstion 3 I got this option:...
  24. Bug: Tooltip + RTL + Chrome show the shadow in the wrong place
  25. Yes, without 'autoLoad' it's working, but if it's working only like that, why do I need the load option in the beginning? weird.

    Thanks for your help
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