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  1. Please go through the following link:-!/api/

    Also if required then check this API documentation. May be this will help you to choose...
  2. You need to call web service using scripttag proxy. Only scripttag proxy support cross domain request.
    Please read scripttag proxy and return the response inside the callback parameter.

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    Hi ,

    Very excited to see ext-designer for sencha touch. Please let us know is there any beta version has release or not. If not then upto when it will be avaialble for us to evaluate.

  4. Please provide some information related to Localization in Sencha touch. I also not found any information related to sencha touch localization on internet.

    Is Sencha Touch support localization ?...
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    Please provide the sample app/ tutorial to integrate sencha touch with touch chart application. I had tried given example i.e....
  6. Hi,

    Please post the source code for calling WCF RESTful web service from Sencha touch. This will help us to understand it completely.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. How to push data to local device Sqllite run time and synchronize it with the web service on the server. Or else let me know the correct way to achieve this task.
    Awaiting for response.

  8. I am very new too work on sencha touch. We have defined some categories to evaluate the sencha touch framework. So one of the task is to call web service and pull / push data to the server.

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