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  1. I have to admit that we discontinued using ExtJS some time ago, sorry I cant provide useful help.
  2. Using the hints from yakovsh I have hacked a patch of /chart/series/Scatter.js, /chart/axis/Axis.js and /chart/axis/Numeric.js that allows logarithmic scaling of individual numeric axis.

    I am...
  3. Thanks yakovsh for pointing that out. I'll give it a try. In case I succeed I'll provide my solution here.
  4. I just noticed that also today (in 4.0.2a).

    Logarithmic scales would be really, really useful!

    @Ext.js-Team: Can you tell us whether/when this feature will be implemented?
  5. Hey Guys,

    since I needed this feature as well I've added a new shape calles 'image' which can be used as a marker using

    markerConfig: {
    type: 'image',
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    Scraping through the code I found the undocumented config options 'label' and 'labelTitle' to be passed to Chart.axis.Axis, see the constructor in...
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