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    I need to render a custom tree and did some early research on how to achieve this.

    Looks to me 2 options are available:

    Option 1: use of a custom renderer in treecolumn
    Option 2:...
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    Thanks for the answer Romick. Unfortunately this is not what I want to achieve.

    I know how to go from tree to node
    tree -> store -> node

    What I want is the opposite in a context where this is...
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    This is part of a large v3 -> v4 migration project so exposing a test case is not easy.

    I'm using multiple instances of a tree component with different data models. Tree id is not set...
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    In ExtJS 4 how to get the reference of owner tree for a particular node?

    node.getOwnerTree() method was handy in ExtJS 3 but unfortunately it's gone - does not provides...
  5. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.3

    Adapter used:

  6. I think I got it. For some reason my HTTP request pointed to a different domain 8-|

    So standard form submit was OK, server response was OK but I guess that the ExtJS magic retrieving response from...
  7. @smarttdv

    Unfortunately o.result is undefined I get o.response instead with empty responseText property
  8. Thanks for helping Doug.

    However before moving to the Ajax way I'd like to understand why the ExtJS example is working and not my...
  9. Hi,

    I've read the docs and forum posts of similar issues but I'm unable to sort this out :(

    What I want to achieve
    Have a file upload form submitting file to server then handling a JSON...
  10. Hi Saki,

    You're right Mystik's trick fixes the rendering issue with ExtJS 3.0.0

    Thanks to both of you guys!
  11. No it does not with 3.0.0 final. The code executes without error but the form just does not render.
    It's OK with 2.3.0 though.
  12. Hi Saki,

    Well I have played with v1.0 in the past and I must say the current release behaves the same. No change.

    No doubt your extension is a dramatic enhancement for web interface. Really....
  13. Thanks for the videos.

    Intended? Oh. Too bad :(

    This is same behavior as a standard single select combo and lovcombo is intended for multiselect isn't it?
    Adjacent selection on large lists...
  14. I can't read mp4 at work but here are the steps:

    Type "D" from your showcase you get a sublist with "Door, Door Panel, Data View Panel"
    Check "Door", you lose your sublist starting with "D"...
  15. Hi Saki,

    Looks like the "scroll to top on select" bug is back.

    With either lovcombo 1.0 and 1.3 sub-selection is lost when one option is clicked and the full list is displayed again from the...
  16. Hi jsakalos,

    Again thanks to this great extension which deserves to be integrated in ExtJS 3.0 :)

    I'm in a situation where I need a LOVcombo box and also to let users to type free values which...
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    With config email:true and alwaysSelectOnCheck:false how to get the list of "checked" rows and not just "selected" rows?

    var sm = new Ext.grid.SmartCheckboxSelectionModel({
    email: true,...
  18. Hi Animal,

    Thanks for your suggestion yep I would be happy to avoid an override for this.

    New styles added:

    #mypagingtoolbar .x-paging-info{
    left: 8px;
    width: 200px; /* mandatory or tb...
  19. Hi

    I'm trying to change the position of displayMsg in a PagingToolbar with no luck. I want displayMsg and 'paging controls' aligned to the left and some various buttons aligned to the right.
  20. Hi

    I'm trying to achieve something similar to Rednick's but with no luck. Instead of flipping I want displayMsg and 'paging controls' aligned to the left and some various buttons aligned to the...
  21. Hi devnull,

    Thanks a lot for your for answer.
    I haven't seen this recent thread and sure I'll give it a try! :)

    I'm not familiar with overides though what the best place for this code ?...
  22. Hi all,

    I can't get setValue() to work on a combobox.

    My combo has values '1,2,3' in it and shows OK.
    A listener has been set on store load to set the combo default value to '1' but nothing...
  23. Thanks for the tip MaximGB.

    So for everyone here is my expandAllNodes() method added in Ext.ux.maximgb.treegrid.GridPanel:

    expandAllNodes : function()
    var store = this.getStore();...
  24. Hi all,

    Anyone succeeded in adding the so requested expandAllNodes() method? I'd like to call it on store load to expose all data to user.

    I've got the force to read the source ;) and I believe...
  25. Hi Animal,
    Wow I wasn't aware of this. Here is my workaround accordingly:

    .ext-ie6 .accordion-menu .x-accordion-hd {
    height: 23pt;

    .accordion-menu .x-accordion-hd {
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