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    I have 3 fieldset and each have a Button inside a fieldset in Extjs 4. I want to get fieldset id on the button click event, so that i can know from which fieldset the button was clicked.

    So how...
  2. Can u post your grid code?
  3. You can get the row details as follows.

    itemclick:function(view, record, item, index, e ) {
    var fname =...
  4. BoxSelect 5.0 is not working properly with my application. 1st value is selected but when i pressed 4 characters (minChars) boxselect control is hanged. Please refer the attachment.

    When i debug...
  5. I have downloaded SuperBoxSelect which is supported in Extjs 3, but i want to use it in Extjs 4.
    i have define class and extend it as needed in Extjs 4, and remove Ext.ns() and Ext.reg().
    But when...
  6. Thanks Mitchell.. My problem has been solved..
  7. I got the following error with Extjs 4.

    Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'reg'

    Please help me to solve this.

    I add the .js file which contain following code.
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