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  1. I just hit this bug, as well.

    I fixed it in my own code by overriding setStore() to rebind the selection model. I expect this or something similar should be the eventual fix.

  2. We are still experiencing this (or a similar) issue using 3.0.4.

    In Firefox (26.0 OSX and 23.0 Windows), the tree scrolls to the center, and no ClickEvent is fired (although the MouseDownEvent...
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    The workaround on setting on the InputElement does not seem to work. I assume this is because the input element is overwritten every time the cell is rendered.

    I delved down the Cell/Appearance...
  4. We had this same issue, and it seemed to be caused by all of the different language properties set by the gwt-cal module.

    We have no need for any additional languages in our application, so adding...
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