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  1. I have same problem, could you solve it?
    Any suggestions ?
  2. I used datepickerfield and there is config called "usePicker". I set it "false" because I don't want to use picker but it didn't work.
    I used it in selectfiled, there it's work fine.

    so I think...
  3. I am using store.synch() method for post data.
    and validation done from server side, currently I am using message box for show error message.
    now I want to something different way to show error,but...
  4. I have same problem.
    did you got any solution?
  5. I have same problem as "GertBoers". I want to change layout not Items if I remove items and add it back then how can I change layout of same container it's already created once.
  6. Yes I am using MVC..I can't do it in view.Any alternate way to do this?
  7. I bind change event of combobox in controller it's work but now I want to set some default value but I don't want to fire change event on this default value I use combobox.suspendEvents()...
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    I am using fileuploadfield in my form and submit it but this upload file as payload data but I want to send it as a post data. Any help will be appreciated.
  9. I have to open one modal window over second modal window. after display second window both are fighting for to be in front.
    I already tried bringToFront() method but it did not work.
    anybody have...
  10. Hello All,
    I am using getRowClass for change cursor default to move on hover of grid-row but it is not affect first time after render, after reload store it works fine.
    Execution of getRowClass...
  11. I am using TinyMce editor in my project.I need editor to disable initially and after on button click event enable it, up to here works fine but after enable and change value of editor I am not...
  12. I need to reset or set null value into textbox to do this I use setValue('') and also setValue(null) it display correct means when I set value it seems correct but in submit it pass old value of...
  13. It happen in my app only.I think it may be problem with layout.
    Which layout can cause problem?
  14. I use sencha touch-chart 2beta with sencha-touch 2.0.1 but problem is charts not display untill window not resize.once window resize it's work fine.
    Any solution for this proble.
    Thanks in...
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    When I enter big number in numberfield and blur then in IOS it seperat with coma how can I remove this formating?
    It's heppan only in IOS .
    thanks in advanced
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    I use action sheet for display custom keybord and I add 15 buttons in this.
    create and add to viewport in app's launch function and just only call show() metho when I want to display it but I take...
  17. try this code

    var htmlcontent1 = 'Some htmls';
    var htmlcontent2 = 'Some htmls';

    Ext.define("MyApp.view.Pages", { extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    requires: ['Ext.carousel.Carousel'],
  18. can you put code of Controller so I can edit your code
  19. you can use next() and previous() method of carousel on respected button tap.
  20. I want to change panel's layout dynamically but setLayout() method not woking.
    Is it a bug or any other problem?
    Any other solution?
  21. I need to set post as form submit method when I load the store.I don't know which is default method but I my case is is GET and I want to change it into POST.How can I do this any help?
  22. In my application tow panel in hbox layout,I need actionsheet width and masking in only first panel.
    how can I do this?
    Just like this
  23. But in touch screen monitor have no mouse and same things happne in sencha touch 2.0.
    any solution for this.
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    try in your button handler

    myForm.submit({method:'POST', url:'/test/tes1.cfc?method=saveOffer', waitMsg:'Saving Your Offer...'});
  25. I am try this code in chrome and safari.
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