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  1. *bump*

    I'd really appreciate an answer on this, please.
  2. The value of what? Please be more specific as I'm not familiar with Ant config files. This is what I have currently:

    <target name="-before-build"/>
  3. Hey mitchellsimoens,

    Could you expand a little on this please? I've found the section you're referring to but it's not obvious what I should be changing or adding.

    I'm assuming there's no...
  4. I use Weinre sometimes. It's painfully slow, buggy and unreliable.

    Whilst I appreciate your suggestions, I'm not really looking for alternatives. I'm looking for an answer to the question: why...
  5. Thanks for the info.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how do it with 2.0.2?
  6. Because the simulator doesn't have the excellent chrome dev tools & console which I rely on heavily for debugging.

    Also, my point is: why does iPhone simulation work but not iPad?
  7. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to build a dataview that displays 10 items at a time from a "buffer" of 50 that lazy loads the next / previous 10 items when the user scrolls to the bottom or top of the...
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    I got it :D Nothing to do with ST2. It's mobile safari "helpfully" zooming the background sprite image due to it's size. A simple workaround is make the sprite a "progressive" JPEG.
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    Hi guys,

    I'm experiencing a baffling issue with image sizes that may or may not have anything to do with Sencha Touch 2. I've spent a LONG time looking at this so far so my apologies in advance if...
  10. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to develop an app that detects iPhone and iPad and switches profiles automatically. So far, I've been developing using Chrome on the desktop and that's been great. Now that...
  11. OK. Does the Fix namespace have any sort of special meaning?
  12. This exactly what I need. How do I implement this? I've saved the above code in app/data/Store.js and altered '' to match my apps namespacing. I've then extended this new class...
  13. Thanks for replying - I remembered as you must have been typing. Apologies for wasting your time!
  14. *edit* Please ignore that. I just remembered that you can't send POSTs with JsonP!
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