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  1. Any update on this? I'm using 5.1 and am not getting spriteevents (spritemouseover, etc).
  2. It appears that the issue was my renaming the ext folder to ext-5.0.1. It works ok for apps (after changing some macro variables), but the themes won't compile. It worked once I reset the ext...
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    I was able to duplicate on both Windows & Mac. If I run "sencha app generate" (Sencha Cmd from the SDK (touch-2.4.0) folder, it will work only if it is the FIRST TIME an app has been...
  4. I am refactoring our client-side codebase (which started with ExtJs 3) to be Sencha Cmd friendly (an oxymoron?). I have several packages for our various namespaces (we have multiple apps &...
  5. I have an ExtJs 5 workspace. I recently upgraded it to 5.0.1 & the new Sencha Cmd When I attempt to generate and build a new theme it fails.

    sencha -sdk ~/Sencha/ext-5.0.1...
  6. Never mind. Turns out mobile Safari does NOT support more than one simultaneous connection. I had a long-poll active, which caused the latency.
  7. I have a ST 2.3.1 app that needs to load images from a server. It works fine in Chrome, but has issues with Cordova.

    I try it several ways:
    (a) tag = new Image()) and then set tag.src = uri. ...
  8. Please move this back to the bugs forum since the behavior in Fiddle shows that it is NOT working properly.
  9. Mitchell, did you see the issue? Try inspecting the field (in YOUR example) in Chrome and you'll see that it does not resize properly.
  10. Not so fast...

    With the labelAlign set to default, fill with "aaaa" (all the way).

    Now change the labelAlign. For me the input field failed to resize. You can tell because the clearIcon is...
  11. I have a form panel that displays fields on both phones & tablets. I use the device width to determine whether to set labelAlign to either left (>=480) or top (<480). If it starts as left and the...
  12. in the source for WebStorage.js, "requires: 'Ext.Date'" should be "requires: ['Ext.Date']", as it appears that Sencha cmd or the loader now expects the requires property to be an array (making in an...
  13. If I do not use a toolbar, and thus not a backbutton, the nested list control won't work in 2.3.1 (it worked fine in 2.3.0). the issue is (dare I say it) some lazy coding practices. To fix, in...
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    We've created a custom tree panel within a trigger (a TreeCombo). Works great, except on Apple laptops, and Macs using the Magic Trackpad (mouse works fine). When clicking on the "elbow" the...
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    We are nearing the completion of a major ExtJs 3.x to 4.x upgrade. For the most part we have been able to work around the gotchas in 4.x; and are really enjoying the new architecture. That said......
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    Nice feature. Thanks!
  17. Never mind. I found the reference in the code that instructs setting lastQuery='' in order to keep from the clearing the initial values.
  18. If I define a combo control, set multiSelect to true, and then (after it has been rendered):

    1 - call setValue([arr]) on it before the list drops down the first time (eg, in response to the event...
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    As part of a UI redesign project, I have implemented a CheckboxListCombo control for ExtJs4, the code is shown below. I've added some explanation afterward. In addition, there's an issue that might...
  20. You can listen on the store.load event and copy the data back into the store record for use with
    a template (such as the rowexpander's rowBodyTpl). While ExtJs should have a more elegant solution,...
  21. I have a requirement to modify the invalidCls based upon whether a field is required or desired (changing the border color, and in both cases getting rid of the squiggley line).

    I have written a...
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    Thanks. I was able to code around it. As stated above I posted this thread more for a documentation heads up. The Ext.isIEx properties should have this caveat noted.
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    Actually, I can't really tell. The tools menu has "compatibility view" grayed out. I assumed that this means it is in that mode and can't be changed, but the icon (the broken page) is not showing...
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    The default is to view all intranet sites in compatibility mode, so yes (this is an intranet site). I can understand the issue, though it should be noted in the docs, which is the real reason for...
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    I do a test for Ext.isIE6 and Ext.isIE7 (just checking each property for true) in order to inform the user to upgrade. It works fine, except that Ext.isIE7 also returns true for IE8.
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