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  1. Some times you don't know exactly which event to listen for, and the documentation is not always up to date.
    So, you set a breakpoint and end up with
    EventType@2537, id = 19

    Then you have to...
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    Hi GXT

    The example application bundled with the GXT distro, contains a large spinner gif (resources\images\gxt\shared\large-loading.gif). We would like to know if this image is covered by the GXT...
  3. I was a bit hasty with my previous comment. mainBody is protected, so subclassing the TreeGridView worked.

    class MyView extends TreeGridView {

    int getHeightDelta() {

  4. Thanks for the hint. However mainBody is private and not accisable in any way.
    I remember doing some frame resizing a while back, and there the idea was to add 5px to the size of the frame,until...
  5. Hi All

    I have a TreeGrid in a LayoutContainer with a default height.
    When I start expanding the nodes in the treeGrid I want to resize the container to avoid scrollbars.

    I know I can use...
  6. I think you have to create a new portal instance, as the layoutContainers for the columns gets created in the Portals constructor (and all variables are private so no subclassing).

    I have a...
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