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  1. is there no way to manually create a blur layer and activate it when you display the carousel?
  2. hi,

    i've been searching for some code to add a carousel to an overlay.
    finally i found something (

    the problem now is, when i display the overlay, it works...
  3. thank you!
    it works =)

    except that you can't call a method or fire an event from within the listener?

    initialize : function() {
    date = {
    flex : 1,
  4. Hi,

    i would like to show a new view when you focus on a textfield. this has to be read-only so the keyboard wont show up.

    Start date ---textfield---
    End date ---textfield---

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    after every create, i'm just going to reload the store.
    this way, all the data is correct and delete works.
    it's not the most optimal solution, but it works =)
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    i'll have to correct myself.

    i really believe there is a bug when you post a request with

    this.add(entry) ;
    this.sync() ;

    the delete method in the same session doesn't work because of...
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    i don't think that's the problem, because otherwise it wouldn't work either when i restart the app =)
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    the respond from SAP gateway is:
    "The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the resource identified by the Data Service Request URI"

    the error logs in SAP gateway don't give any...
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    multiple create operation work now! =)

    so i've put the proxy on the model and changed the create method to the following:

    var entry = Ext.create('LeaveRequest.model.Request', {
  10. every documentation i read on sencha, says that it's best to put the proxy inside the store.
    i will try it on the model and it maybe helps for my problem on...
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    thank you for your response!

    my model looks like this

    Ext.define('LeaveRequest.model.Request', {

    extend : '',
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    i'm using the oData connector to create/delete/read/update SAP data.
    when i execute 1 CRUD, everything works fine.
    but after a first create, when i execute a second one, the first create...
  13. Thank you!
    I finally found the problem.

    I fill the selectfield with data from a store.

    storeAT = Ext.create('');
    var leaveType =
  14. It still doesn't work :s

    Even when I pass an hardcoded value from the controller to the panel
    (AbsenceTypeCode : '0101')
    it will always display the first value from the store.

    leaveType =...
  15. Unfortunatelly, this doesn't work for selectfield =(
    textfields, no problem. so the code below will work, but I need a selectfield.

    ... initialize : function() { ...
  16. I'm not sure what you mean with 'rebuilding the library', but I'm just going to use an HTML table.
    But thanks for your reply =)
  17. I just tested it and it works!
    I had Ext.Panel, not Ext.form.Panel

    Thank you so much, I've been searching for days
  18. hi,

    I've been working with sencha for a month now, so ext js 4.1.1
    I create the project in command line (sencha app create ...)
  19. Hi,
    for some reason, when I create an app, I miss the 'grid' folder within resources/src/
    I downloaded the ext js zip from the website, searched the grid folder, added this manually to my project,...
  20. Hi,

    I work with MVC.
    I have a navigationview with a list. when you press the disclose button, an event is fired. the chosen record is passed with the event.

    within the controller, I create a...
  21. So, in the proxy:

  22. Hi,
    I need to create new records in the SAP database.
    Reading is no problem, but I don't know which code i need to perform a POST operation.

    I work with MVC.
    My store is currently :

  23. Hi,

    As you can see in pic1, i have a messagebox. when i click on 'OK', the screen stays dark (pic2).
    I have the same problem with actionsheet when I click the cancel button (pic3).

  24. I just tried it with the callParent and it works, thank you very much!
  25. Could you give an explanation please?
    Not sure what you mean with that code.
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