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  1. Thanks a lot, it's working :) !
  2. Hi,

    I'm trying to create an application with GXT3 and the RequestFactory.
    I want to paged my result but i've got issues to make it work.

    I have an entity bean (named Translation), that have a...
  3. I experience the same behavior.

    is there any solution ?

    thx !
  4. arf sorry, I try the search forum...but forget to check the "add child search".

    If a put the HtmlEditor in an adapterField, can it work ?

    regards !
  5. Hi, there is a probleme with the setReadOnly method that is ineffective.

    FormPanel fp = new FormPanel();
    HtmlEditor editor = new HtmlEditor();
  6. Okay no problem, thx again :)
  7. Thx Sven for the quick reponse !

    But If the changes are not too important to make, is it possible to post those too? Or a new build of GXT will comes out soon for the public ?
  8. Example, I have 2 groups, with users within them. If one of the user is in both group, when a will click on the 2nd one, the TreeGrid will selection the 1st one.

    I try to re implement the key...
  9. I have the exact same bug on GXT 2.1.1.

    Any solution about that ?

    a workaround will be to stop the rowEditor and start it after the window resized.
  10. Replies
    In fact I understand why this not gonna work,

    in the BaseLoader, the onSuccess is call, but it will fire the Load event, the finishTest i call is not on the onSuccess method but in a Listner..
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    i'm trying to setup some GWTTestCase in my project, and i'm confront to strange problem.

    I have 2 test case, one where I use an AsyncService directly, the other where I do the same but on...
  12. Does the fix has been released in SVN ? (in release/2.2/ ? ) I still don't see anything :)

    thx you !
  13. Great, thx you :)
  14. The button on the RowEditor are inverted, the Save button is enable wheras it should be disable until the RowEditor is valid.

    Cancel button is disabled wheras it should be enable.

    I've recover...
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    The autoload is done on the refresh method the the LiveGridView, unfortunatly this method is call on the AfterRender.

    I dont know what you want to do, but you could disable the loading from your...
  16. Okay, I just find a "workaround", because i'm not totally satisfied by this solution.

    What's need to be done : Change the property, and then update the store.

    BaseTreeModel pm =...
  17. thx for your help;

    i've just try this :

    store.findModel(treePanel.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem()).set("name", "Changed");
    but it doesn't work either.
  18. - Detailed description of the problem : On the TreePanel, when changing a property (the property which is diplayed), the TreeNode is not update. In my sample code, select a node, and use the context...
  19. Try this :

    Folder newFolder = new Folder("Newly Added folder");
    newFolder.add(new Music("Range De Basanti", "A R Rahman", "Dance"));

    treeStore.add(model, newFolder, true)
  20. issue updated.
  21. Okay, understood.

    Thx for the explanations!
  22. Thx for you're help, it's working like a charm.

    I add those line :


    FieldBinding fbForName = new FieldBinding(nameFieldForMultiField, ModelA.NAME);
    FieldBinding fbForDescription =...
  23. Okay thx,

    But is it something that you can implement ?
    Or do I have to listen to the Bind Event and bind my fields manually ?
  24. Hi, I have a problem with the Multifield with FormBinding or FormValidation Validation.

    I have a FormPanel with 3 Fields : name, description and a Multifield which contains another name &...
  25. In fact, I was creating a empty store in the construstor of my class, and I was setting the groupBy just after.

    As my store is filled later, at rendering (the store which is still empty) the...
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