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    Hi CutterBl

    Thanks for the great plugin ... works like a charm ... saved me hours of work.
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    That's a typo on my part ..

    I had to correct the code because I had a fixed value of 200 there.
    In my haste I missed the ""
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    I'm trying to use row-fit in a tab panel. (see code below).

    When I specify the height in % it does not work ..

    Any ideas.

    I'm using Extjs 2.0.2 but I tried it on 2.1 and there was no...
  4. Fixed.

    As I suspected the issue was in the data.

    The field "var" was causing the problem. Changed it to "diff" and everything started to work.

    Rule of thumb ... choose field names that are...
  5. Okay I think you've sent me in the right direction

    Here's the exeception (note the ^ actually lines up with actbld:17.00 in display)

    Statement on line 11308: Syntax error in call to eval: line...
  6. No Javascript errors are reported in Opera Error Console

    Lots of css errors but that's it.
  7. I'm hoping someone can help me.

    I have several gridpanels that are dynamically added to a tabpanel on startup.
    The issue I have is the one of the panels does not work in IE and Opera.
    In Firefox...
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