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    Hello, i have an error with grid.

    I want to delete a record selected on grid. I paste the delete code :

    destroyModuleConfirm : function(id){ var me = this;
    var form =...
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    I answer to my thread.
    after inspect the class, i have understand the importance of css class for the menu.

    I have adding this in my panel properties, and now it's work fine !
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    I'm create a project based on the desktop exemple from the doc.

    In this project, i'm using a panel as menu button on a toolbar.

    This menu display correctly, but i have a problem with...
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    thank for this help, it's a good property, i take the time to test this and send you my experience.
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    My question is a little same as already post here, but i not found the good answer.

    I'm write an application base on the desktop demo for display my "app modules"

    In my app, "modules"...
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    i work on a project based on extJS 4.2.1 and use cmd

    I have read the doc and now i'm understand ( a little ) how the compilator work.

    But i have a problem during...
  7. if i change the config.cfg file, and add :${app.dir}/../${}

    i have no change, the build work.
  8. Thank you.
  9. Hello,

    with this configuration the new index.html is used and i can view it in the production build folder.

    but in the bootstrap.js file the paths are write for an index file was in the same...
  10. Hello.
    In application generated by cmd, the index.html is inside the app folder.

    but in mys projects, the html file must be outide this folder.

    in the generated i must modify the "Ext" path,...
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    I don't understand.
    If i load a store using a simple direct proxy, one request was send -> ok
    If i load a second store, using a direct proxy ( not same method ), the "2 query's" are sending...
  12. Hello,

    I need a clarification for the store "totalProperty"

    If the store make a request on the server , and apply a filter and a pagination ( "start", "limit" )

    the totalProperty must send...
  13. hello,

    i have change my server code from this post :

    to the code from this :...
  14. Hello,
    My direct API is on a server ( not on the same domain ).
    My apache headers are set for enable the cross domain :

    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
    Header set...
  15. Hello,

    In architect, if i configure the store reader with direct with directfn, or API, architect telle me an error on load datas : Unable to load data from the supplied directFn.

    but in brower...
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    I have a bug on architect using this behavior :

    1. make a simple initial view "MyPanel" in architect ( i'ts use as initial view )
    2. create new controller " MyController"
    3. assing...
  17. Ok, i'm juste a newbie :s

    if have simply add

    $scope-reset-css: true;

    on my start scss file, and it's done !

  18. Hello,

    I want to create my own theme for Ext. ( using 4.1 )

    With the doc i can generate a modified version ( SASS is really amazing :D )

    but if y want use the scoped theme for my starting...
  19. I have test the same code but quering view in place of dataview.

    Thanks a lot for your help :-)
  20. Hello,
    in my treePanel i have implement the treeviewdragdrop Plugin.

    I listen the events 'drop' and 'beforedrop' in the viewConfig declaration, like this :

  21. Thank for your help.

    I have modified you source for adapting to my controller

    i have insert my plugin with an pluginID

    plugins : [Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing', {...
  22. Hello,
    I'm using a treepanel for manage folders.

    I have add CellEditing for manage rename action.

    I have a simple question.

    When i create new folder, i want select it in the tree panel, and...
  23. Yes !

    I have read the source of Ext.form.panel
    and the methid get values is

    return this.getForm().getValues(); },

    I think, your approch is better
  24. Hello i have make a test.

    If i check dirty fields with this code :

    // var form is assign to form panel ( not form basic instance )

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    Just for information, i add a link to an equivalent ressource code in objective-c

    if this date...
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